Woes Of The Unemployed Graduate 3

Image Once again the queues are long and it stretches as far as the eye can see. One would think that there was a football match going on and all those gathered there were spectators cheering their respective teams to victory. Don’t be deceived by what you see. Those gathered there were graduates who were eager to serve their nation with all their hearts, minds and souls. These people had stood in the hot blazing sun for hours just waiting to lay their hands on forms so as to be recruited into the Ghana Armed Forces or Ghana Police Service. Not only were they bearing the brunt of the scorching sun( I was wondering who was on duty up there on that particular day, was it Judas, Peter or Thomas?), but the pushing and shoving was at its peak, and people trying to jump the queue. Once a while the pushing and shoving becomes very intense and those who could not bear such force fell down  and to make matters worse, these weak ones were laughed at and mocked by the strong ones. All these unemployed graduates had high hopes of getting good jobs after their tertiary education, but only to be frustrated with the continuous submission of applications to various employment agencies which in the long run yield no positive results. They are sometimes made to part with huge sums of money with the promise of being given jobs but these promises are not fulfilled and they return back to square one. Back to the recruitment into the Ghana Armed Forces and the Ghana Police Service. We all know that people work their way through before they are enlisted into these sensitive employment avenues. You have to know somebody in a top position in these two places before you could be enlisted ( its alleged). Some people are also asked by their connection men to reduce their ages so as to make the process faster and easier for them. Despite all these, some unscrupulous individuals also go round posing as recruitment agents and they succeed in duping the unsuspecting members of the public who are eager to part with huge sums of money in order for them to gain access to these two places of employment. Thus, these are some of the few frustrations that unemployed graduates in Ghana go through before they eventually secure jobs. What are the solutions to all these frustrations after ones tertiary education? I hope you read the parts one and two of this article.   


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