This blog is about social issues in Ghana. The author tries his best to bring out the issues at hand. He discusses a whole range of issues in the Ghanaian society bordering on economics, politics and social happenings at the core of the Ghanaian society. Examples of some of the issues are on unemployment, sanitation, corruption, governance, provision of essential amenities to the people in terms of better healthcare, quality education, good drinking water, good roads etc etc. In all these articles posted on the blog, the author tries to spice his articles with some humor and also makes the blog interactive as people are welcome to pass their   comments on any article that is published The ultimate aim of the author is to make the whole world aware of what is happening in Ghana and how her citizens are doing their best to make the country a better place for the coming generations. God bless Ghana and the whole world. add another page.


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    • Thanks for following my blog. The issues in this year’s elections have to do with the Electoral Commission disqualifying some of the presidential candidates in connection with some errors on their nomination forms. That has resulted in a plethora of court cases by these candidates against the Electoral Commission and it may delay the holding of the elections. Also whiles the incumbent is campaigning on its infrastructural development and asking Ghanaians to retain them in power for them to continue the work they have started, the opposition parties are also calling for change. Meanwhile the electoral commission is also trying its best to ensure a credible, free and fair and transparent elections. Would have written some posts about the elections but my laptop decided to have a mind of its own and it has refused to respond for some weeks now despite all my efforts to fix it. You have really made my day. Once again, thanks for following my blog.

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