How Tigo Can Help Ghanaians Derive More Value From The Internet

Image Tigo, one of the telecommunication companies in Ghana has done more for its clients in terms of voice data and their numerous initiatives and services. But as we all know, currently the competition for a major stake in the mobile internet sector is very hot and keen. So if a telecommunications company is to be ahead of the rest, then it needs to make sure Ghanaians derive more value from the use of the internet. More people now use their mobile phones to browse the internet more than the use of Personal Computers and laptops.

Tigo can take advantage of the mobile internet platform by introducing more flexible data plans for mobile phone users who browse the internet using their network. To a customer when he or she is using a product he or she would like to derive more benefits from that product, and this would encourage him or her to spread the good news about the product to more prospective clients.

Tigo can introduce  special packages during Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, Independence Day and other National holidays in Ghana for their internet users to enable them browse for an unlimited period during these festivities and holidays.

Tigo could also help Ghanaians derive maximum value from the internet by beating down  their internet cost or charges. This would give their clients more browsing time and they would be able to do more research and learn more from the internet.

Tigo should educate their clients on the use of their internet portal, and how to make good use of the internet. This could be done by the intensification of its advertisements both in the print media and the electronic media. This would make the public get a good grasp on the use of the internet on the Tigo network.

Tigo also needs to upgrade its infrastructure so as to enable their subscribers get more access and connectivity to their internet service. This can be done by upgrading their 3.5G modems to 4G for high speed data transmission and reliability. This would give the opportunity to businesses that put much premium on voice, video and data technologies to provide better services to their clients, as they are able to get access to more bandwidth.

Tigo would also need to put in place measures that would attract the older generation to the use of the internet. This could be done by coming out with advertisements that appeal to the older generation both in the print and electronic media. Attractive internet packages could also be shaped just for the older generation so as to whip up their interests in the use of the internet. Special programs could be designed for them via the Tigo internet portal so that they could easily access their pensions with mobile phones. This would cut down the stress they have to go through before they take their monies at the end of the month.

Most of the educational institutions can be helped by Tigo if they offer them flexible data plans for their research centers . The Ministry of Education can also come into partnership with Tigo and help in the teaching of ICT in the basic schools and also in the senior high schools all over the country. When all these and the many others not mentioned here are done by Tigo, we as Ghanaians can derive more value from the internet, and we would keep on smiling because we have got Tigo.







115 thoughts on “How Tigo Can Help Ghanaians Derive More Value From The Internet

  1. the internet has now become important 4 most ghanaians especially students in ghana. i hope that if tigo is able to reduce the cost of its data services, more value will be derived from the use of the internet.

  2. These will go a long way to help our country. Thanks to Tigo, computer illiteracy would be a thing of the past. With this collaboration that tigo should have with the Ministry of Education, a brighter future awaits the children of this beautiful country.

  3. Thank you all very much for helping me win the ultimate prize in the Tigo Blogger Challenge. Your comments have been able to take me to the top. Lets keep up the spirit and provide more content for Ghana. Let our fingers do the talking. More vim.

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