Easter Is Here Once Again, Did Jesus Christ Die In Vain?

Image Once again, Christians all over the world are celebrating the death and resurrection of their Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth that happened some 2000 years ago. Its a season where you see almost all Christians with solemn faces and attitudes just to show that they are sorry for their sins and repentance is the keyword in all the sermons preached during this season. In Ghana, we commemorate the Easter Season with church activities, conventions, crusades, Bible talk shows and Gospel music festivals all over the country. Most people also find their way to Kwahu in the Eastern Region and celebrate the season with so much pomp and pageantry, as a paragliding festival has been added  on just to make the Kwahu Ridge attractive to both Ghanaian and foreign tourists. This goes a long way to generate some revenue for the development of the area. Others also travel to their various  hometowns just to celebrate the season with their relations. But the question i ask myself is, “Did Jesus Christ die in vain?”. This is because, these same people commit all sorts of sins and crimes against their fellow human beings and during Easter pretend to be very remorseful, but just after the Easter season, they go back to their sinful ways. God is indeed a merciful God. Our politicians are the worst pretenders as they will go to most of the churches and worship with the congregation and behave sanctimoniously, but end up lying to the people and not fulfilling promises that they have made to them. This is also the time people move to the various orphanages and donate several items. But do we have to wait till a festive season before we do acts of charity? It should be done all year round, and not for fame or to gain favor in the eyes of the general populace. We should not as Christians make it look like the death of Christ on the cross at Calvary was in vain, lets do the right things, and stop the cheating, corruption, bribery, taking sexual favors from young ladies before giving them jobs, stealing from state coffers, extorting money from innocent unemployed graduates, visa racketeering etc etc. Lets pray for our country Ghana during this Easter Season and make a good meaning out of the death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. I might sound like a preacher, but i would like to hear a big amen from all my readers. God bless and protect us all, amen.

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