Childhood Memories; The Mango Raids

It was a very hot afternoon and the kids were feeling restless. They were on vacation and they were so much bored with staying in the house. School was to reopen in two weeks. They wanted the days to move quickly so that they can go back to school and have more fun. Staying in the house was boring for them. Their parents were also at their work places and they always left early in the morning and came back late in the evening. Before they left they made sure that their breakfast and lunch have been prepared. The lunch was always in the fridge, the children had to rely on Kofi who was the eldest to heat the food for them in the afternoon. The long vacation always coincided with the harvesting of mangoes. Thus, the mango season was here and the children decided to organize a series of raids into people’s farms for mangoes. They therefore sent three of the boys around to survey the area and map out all the mango trees.

It was now left with how to execute these plans. They first had to tackle the mango trees in the Ghana Water Company yard. They picked four gallons and entered the yard under the pretext of going to fetch water. Kwame hid behind the wall with a sack whiles Kwadwo, Kwabena and Kofi entered the yard with the gallons. Kofi climbed the mango tree and started plucking the ripe mangoes. He then threw them to Kwame who was a very good catcher and it went into the sack. In about ten minutes the sack was half full. Two of the gallons filled with water were then taken out of the yard by the two boys leaving Kofi on the tree. Kwadwo and Kwabena went back into the yard and Kofi then climbed down from the tree. Kwame was gone with the sack of mangoes by the time the boys were finally leaving the yard. This raid was successful as it was carefully planned and executed with so much dexterity and precision. The boys could not hide their joy when they got home and started enjoying the mangoes. They could imagine the look on the faces of the security man and some of the workers during their lunch break. They will be amazed as to how the ripe mangoes vanished from the tree. Thus the boys have found an activity to while away the remaining days of this boring vacation. Whose mango tree was next? Agya Owusu’s farm was next.

There were rumors in the neighborhood of Agya Owusu’s extreme wickedness. Thus he meted instant justice to anyone who was caught stealing from his farm. There were three big mango trees on his farm and no one dare climb any of the trees to pluck the mangoes. The boys decided to raid his farm and they were ready to face the consequences. As usual, they sent two of the boys to do some reconnaissance of the farm. They came back with the information that the man was not on the farm. Another boy was posted at the entrance of the man’s house and he was to run towards the farm and shout the moment he saw the man heading towards his farm. The sacks were secured and the boys entered the farm, climbed the trees. One person was left to stand under the tree to fill the sack. The raid was going on well until the sentry posted at Agya Owusu’s house failed to notice that there was a backdoor to the house. The man decided to pass through the backdoor on his way to the farm only for him to get there and see some children harvesting his mangoes. He shouted and the one with the sack picked up the sack and bolted like lightening. The other two on the tree decided to pluck the hard unripe mangoes and pelted Agya Owusu with them. Since he could not defend himself from the mango attack, he also ran back to the house with his face swollen. The boys then got down from the tree and also ran back to their house. When the boys got home, they started laughing and at that same moment the sentry showed up breathing heavily.  He had to run for his dear life when he saw Agya Owusu running towards his house. Meanwhile another person’s mango tree was being targeted. They decided to be extra vigilant this time around and also take every precautionary measure to protect and defend themselves during the raids. They also mapped out several escape routes and always had a plan B in case their plan failed. Thus these are some of the childhood memories. I hope a lot of people can relate. In fact, the mangoes raided from people’s farms were more enjoyable than those sold at the market.





The dream of every young man is to continue his education to the highest level. Upon completing the Senior High School, I hopefully applied and gained admission into my school of choice which is the University of Cape Coast and I thereby wish to describe my first day in this institution in this essay.

            On the 19th day of August, 2012, I reported to school even though it was some few days after the stated date to report. It was a Sunday and it not being a working day, I had nowhere to go than to head to my hall of affiliation which is the Oguaa Hall. I reported at the porter’s lodge and I was given a temporal room to stay for the night. I was given a room on the ‘G’ block numbered 55 which is actually for males only. I was the first to occupy that room. To be honest, when I entered the room, I knew there was no way staying in that room with others will be comfortable. For a moment, I pictured my room back home and then compared it with the room I will be spending most of my life in now. The room was so dusty since it had no occupant.

After unpacking my things, I went out to take some passport pictures which were used to fill any document if the need arises. I was fortunate to have a friend who has been in the University for some time now, who offered to take me around the campus to show me the various lecture theaters and other buildings in the school including the other five halls of affiliation on campus. After he showed me around, I headed back to my hall.

            I began to feel a little bit nostalgic upon getting to the hall due to the conditions in the hall not withstanding my room and passing the night there alone. I was willing to endure and also act as a man to withstand all these unpleasant conditions since I was told back then at home that no condition is permanent. Before the day came to an end, the unfortunate thing happened. I was not aware that I was supposed to leave the key in the lock when I opened the door since the door will automatically lock when the key is not at the entrance and I found myself in that situation. The only thing that came to mind was to report it to the porter which I did but the only solution I got was that since it’s not a working day, there was no carpenter around to break the door down so I had to wait till Monday morning. I settled down for a moment to recover from such an unfortunate incident and after all what happened, I did not even have the appetite for food so the best thing I did was to take my bath and go to sleep. I could not wait to see the rise of the morning sun that day.

            Although my first day in the University of Cape Coast was not a pleasant one, it was at least a day I would never forget as long as my stay on this campus is concerned.

(As written by Ahmed Toffic, a Level 100 student from the University of Cape Coast.)