The Rains Are Coming, How Prepared Are We?

It’s March 13, 2017 and we all just heard from the Ghana Meteorological Agency that the rains will be very severe this year. I watched and listened to the news on tv with my mouth wide open, and I asked myself, “how prepared are we for the coming rains as predicted?” Then thoughts of last two years flood and fuel explosion at a fuel station near the Kwame Nkrumah Circle started flooding my mind. Sorry for taking your minds back to that tragedy in which many people lost their lives. Are we really ready and prepared for the coming rains?

Are we ready to clear the choked drains? Will we be able to make sure that all structures on water ways are demolished? Can we find out those who issued the permits for such structures and let them face the full rigors of the law? Do our leaders have the political will to crack the whip on these law breakers to serve as a deterrent to other citizens? It is time for us to get it right and put our acts together and make sure that not a single Ghanaian life is lost during this year’s rainy season.

We can also do our part by not dumping rubbish into the drains, desilting choked drains, disposing off rubbish properly, and reporting people who go contrary to the sanitation laws in our communities. We should not wait for disasters to strike before we call on the government to come to our aid. Anytime I hear that phrase, I become very much annoyed to the core. We also don’t want to see the annual ritual of politicians touring disaster zones and sharing relief items to victims. Those relief items will never be enough for the disaster victims.

In my candid opinion, the name of the National Disaster Management Organization should be changed to National Disaster Prevention Organization. The warning signs are all over the place, the earlier we act, the better for this country. The future generations will like to see a Ghana that is devoid of floods. A Ghana where our city authorities will walk the talk and have the political will to take the right actions to cleanse our cities of filth.


Cry Mother Ghana, Our Beloved Country

It was a sad day for Ghana on Tuesday, 31st January, 2017 when reports came in that a school building has collapsed at Breman Gyambra killing six kindergatten children. The school is the Breman Gyambra Methodist KG School. This community is in the Asikuma Odoben-Brakwa District of the Central Region. According to reports, four of the children died on the spot and the other two died later at the Breman Asikumah Our Lady of Grace Government Hospital. Several children were also injured in this tragedy. According to eyewitnesses, there were visible cracks on the building before it collapsed. I just don’t understand why these children should die as a result of someone not doing his job. What were the authorities doing to fix this dilapidated structure. I heard the P.T.A. had levied the children so as to use the money to fix the building, but this tragedy could have been avoided if pragmatic steps had been taken the moment the cracks were seen on the building.
That same day in the evening, a terrible rainstorm ripped off the roof of Ghana’s Parliament causing the roof to leak. Instantly, the next day it became a major news item with several people in higher authority including the Vice President visited Parliament to assess the damage caused to the building. It was promptly being fixed that very day. But no politician visited the Breman Gyambra community to console the bereaved families. What sort of country do we live in? In the run up to the 2016 general elections, politicians from all the parties were going to every nook and cranny soliciting for the votes of the people. They could be found at every funeral, every naming ceremony, in fact they made sure that they were present at every social function so that the false impression of they caring about the welfare of the people will be seen. But now that the election season is over, our politicians forget to care for the same people who voted for them. Who cry’s for these six children who have lost their lives through no fault of theirs? The media also decided to give little attention to this tragedy and as usual nothing will be heard about it again. Also some armchair journalists will just sit in Accra and make up stories about the tragedy. Now they are all focusing their attention on Parliament and what happened during the rainstorm. Such a biased media landscape we have in this country. Or is it because this tragedy did not happen in Accra so no attention is being given to it? If it were to be a western country, the school authorities would be forced to resign due to their negligence and irresponsible nature. Its time we put an end to that attitude where we identify problems but wait for them to get out of hand before we try to fix them. It seems we have failed the children of Ghana, we should bow our heads in shame for the death of these innocent children. We could have gotten future Medical Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Lecturers, Scientists, Fashion Designers, Engineers etc etc out of these children.
Once again, Mother Ghana is grieving the loss of her six children and sadness has gripped the people of Breman Gyambra. My heartfelt condolences goes out to all the affected families. May God grant these children a resting place in His bosom. I can just imagine what these families are going through right now. Imagine taking your child to school only to be informed in the afternoon that your child is dead. God save Mother Ghana, God save and protect all children.

I Think Of A Future…

I think of a future where the color of your skin will not be used to determine who or what you are but skills, ideas and leadership qualities and everything will be determined by merit. I think of a future where positive images of Africa will be projected to the whole world. I think of a future where Africans will own their own success stories and not by outsiders. I think of a future where our children will have three nutritious square meals a day, access to better education and better health care. I think of a future where we will stop behaving like the vulture that vows to build its nest after the rains but forgets about it the moment the rain stops. I think of a future where people will stop dumping rubbish into the drains and wait till the rains set in for floods to wreak havoc before these drains are desilted.

I think of a future where our city authorities and planners will plan our cities, towns and villages with proper drainage systems so that when the rains start falling we will not hear the popular refrain “the government should come to our aid”. I think of a future where civil service employees will not take bribes before locating your files or documents. I think of a future where government employees will stop pretending to be working and the government will also stop pretending to be paying them. I think of a future where you can apply for your passport, birth certificate, driving license and other documents online so as to minimize human contact as low as possible. I think of a future where there will be a policy that will ensure that government appointees including Ministers of State will send their children to public schools right from the basic level to the tertiary level. I think of a future where government officials will not fly out to seek medical care abroad when sick but will ensure a good healthcare system in our country. I think of a future where our governments will stop running a “family and friends” government.

I think of a future where recruitment into the various security services will be devoid of fraudsters and greedy security personnel who extort money from potential recruits. I think of a future where voters will vote based on policies and their conscience rather than the money given to them by politicians. I think of a future where government officials will accept responsibility for their mistakes and resign rather than indulge in politics of equalization. I think of a future where contracts will be properly awarded to competent companies rather than they being awarded due to their ties to the party in government. I think of a future where corruption will be reduced to the barest minimum if not totally eradicated from this country.

I think of a future where Africa will unite and stop the neocolonialists in their tracks. I think of a future where Africa will be really independent politically, economically and socially. A future where our leaders will not kowtow to the whims and caprices of the western powers. A future where Africa will add value to her natural resources and make sure her people benefit fully. An Africa devoid of wars, conflicts, drought and famine. A future where Africa will speak with one voice against the imperialists. A future where African leaders will not extend their stay in office but exit when the applause is loud. What are your thoughts about the future? Kindly share them with me in your comments.

How Well Do We Celebrate Our Farmers?

Farmer Picture Credit:

December is here with us once again and the first Friday will be celebrated as Farmers and Fishermen’s Day in Ghana. This will be celebrated with pomp and pageantry with so many awards given to Ghana’s farmers and fisher folk. A lot of noise will be made about the prizes awarded as they were donated by various companies who play several roles in the agricultural economy of Ghana. But my question is, how well do we celebrate our farmers and fisher folk? After the awards what next?

Are we going to ensure that the farmers get the inputs that are needed to improve their production? Is the government of the day doing enough for the farmers and fisher folk to sacrifice more for Ghana to achieve food sufficiency? What is the government doing to encourage more of the youth to move into the agricultural sector? Are we going to listen to speeches and no action done for another year? What is being done for farmers to get access to good and quality healthcare, good drinking water, good roads for the transportation of their farm produce from their farms to the market centers? Do the children of the farmers and fisher folk have access to quality education? To add to the above, what is being done to add value to the farm produce? Are they all still to be exported in their raw state, and for how long will this practice go on? When are we also going to stop the importation of some of the basic farm products which we can produce locally here if the farmers are given the necessary support by the government and other corporate institutions?

In my opinion, until all these questions are addressed and some actions are undertaken to fully realize the outcomes and aspirations of the farmers and fisher folk in Ghana, we will never have a proper Farmers and Fishermen’s Day celebration in Ghana. Remember to pray for a farmer, fisherman and all those involved in bringing food to your table anytime you are about to enjoy your meal. Happy Farmers and Fishermen’s Day, Ghana. God bless Ghana, God bless us all.



Why I Love Ghana?

Image Every citizen feels proud to hit his/her chest and say “I am proud to be a citizen from my country” and they show their patriotism in everything that they do just to promote a positive image of the country they come from. But below are some of the reasons why i love Ghana.

1. We Ghanaians are so passionate about the game of soccer and we will do everything possible to watch the FIFA World Cup no matter the “Dumsormetrics” undertaken by the “Extremely Confused Ghanaians” (ECG).

2. We create so much humor during difficult times with anything that happens example, the word “Dumsor” has its variants such as “Dumsorlogy” , “Dumsormetrics” and not to talk about the new word on the block “Ayittey Powers” after he lost his fight to Bukom Banku.

3. We always have an issue to discuss every week and the media goes along with it.

4. Every musician, actor, actress etc etc is a celebrity in Ghana even though we dont know what they do to help the society.

5. People create their own designer and clothing lines examples such as Miz Bell’s “Michi Bellino” (where from this one too?) and a host of others.

6. We make people look so important and then start dropping them like the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the 2nd World War.

7. If you are in Ghana and you dont have a relative abroad then it means you are not a “gee” guy or lady.

8. We always ignore disaster warnings and when floods or any disaster happens we scream the mantra ” we want the government to come to our aid”.

9. Our governments always have a lot of plans in the pipeline but they never see the light of day.

10. We always hear the mantra from the government “plans are far advanced” to solve our problems but those plans never materialize.

11. Every Ghanaian believes we are going to win the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, hahahahaha.

These are just a few of the reasons why i love Ghana. More to come later. Keep your comments coming.


Buy “Made In Ghana” Goods

Image On the 6th of March, 2014, the President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama whiles delivering his Independence Day speech, advocated for more patronage of “Made in Ghana” goods. This clarion call has been echoed so many times by many people in our country. The president has been lauded for coming out in support of locally produced goods.

But, first, do these our local industries have the capacity to meet the demands of their local consumers? Is the government willing and ready to support our local industries?  Are the local industries also ready to produce quality goods for the people to patronize and be proud of? These are some of the unanswered questions that makes it difficult for our local industries to thrive in these present economic difficulties being experienced by Ghana. The local industries need to review their standards and also produce quality goods for the people to patronize.

We have numerous industries in Ghana producing many goods for local consumption but  yet still, the country imports most of her consumables and other important goods. Why should this happen? Most people in this country would tell you that Ghana’s chocolate is very expensive so they would prefer to buy the foreign ones that are more cheaper than the locally produced ones. The government should help our local industries to add more value to our raw materials rather than exporting them outside and being proud with the accolade “the number one producer” of cocoa, etc etc in Africa.

Let us all patronize “Made in Ghana” goods and the rippling effects would be numerous as it goes to generate employment, strengthens the economy and generate more income for the people and also revenue for the government. We can all do our bit to help promote “Made in Ghana” goods. God bless Ghana my motherland.

Ghana Must Work

ImageImagine living in a world devoid of all forms of vices and corrupt activities.  No wars, no conflicts  and sicknesses. One will say that i will be living in a utopian world but we all can make such a world exist if we make up our minds to do the right thing at the right time. Ghana is currently going through  sort of inquisition in terms of how we manage the revenue accruing from our natural resources.  What sort of legacy are our political leaders leaving for the upcoming generations. My heart is heavy as our leaders and politicians are really plundering the nation. Several stinking reports of corrupt activities are making news headlines in both the print and electronic media. We tend to forget that  our little brothers and sisters will one day take over from us and they are watching us. Ghana seems not to be working and we all know the situation at hand. Why cant the authorities put in place measures to curtail the problems that will arise out of the double intake of our Senior High School graduates for the 2013/2014 admissions into the tertiary institutions? Are they waiting for the problem to get out of hand before something is done? We seem to be going back to the drawing board anytime a problem arises and it seems there is a systemic failure in our governance system in Ghana and all over the African continent. Why should the government wait till university lecturers threaten strike action before they do what they are supposed to do? It also seems some people are not doing their jobs but thinking of the selfish interests. They are thinking of where to get bribes and these people are the ones who go to church on Sundays and give thanks and praises to God for blessing them with money and they also give huge offerings to their various churches. We have street lights but they are just white elephants and don’t work at night, yet still we pay for them. Water does not flow through the taps most of the time but the bill given to you at the end of the month could give you high blood pressure and send you to your grave. Our tertiary institutions keep on increasing fees but still no improvement in accommodation facilities to cater for the numerous students. For Ghana to work, why not start education on corruption, provision of social amenities and the responsibilities of the government as a whole in the development of our dear nation at the lowest level of education? We live in a country where if a serious problem arises the president has to step in before it  solved. I keep on asking myself, what are the ministers, DCEs and the other government appointees doing? If they cant do the job why waste the tax payers money to pay them? I use to relish the days gone by when communal labour was a weekly activity. We cant continue this way, for posterity will judge us if we don’t make Ghana work again. Let’s all do our best to make Ghana work again to ensure a brighter and better future for the unborn generations. God bless Ghana my motherland and the whole world, amen.