It Is An “Animal Farm” World In Ghana.

Image I did not want to wade into the current situation in our dear country, but for sometime now sadness has engulfed my heart and it seems i can’t be mute and look on while our leaders and politicians rob our nation in the name of democracy, hence my decision to write this piece. As i write this article, i feel we have totally lost it as a nation since those we elected to our legislature and the government seems to be very insensitive to the plight of the masses.Do we understand democracy at all? Why should democracy be used as a tool by our politicians to empty the nation’s coffers? Since the beginning of this year, several groups of government workers and unions have threatened to lay down their tools, and some have actually carried out their threats. Mention could be made of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Tertiary Education Workers Union (TEWU), University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), in fact the list is endless. It seems whenever a group threatens to embark on a strike action, that’s the moment you hear of the Labour Commission and the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission. So what are they being paid for? Why wait for the situation to get out of hand before you try to find a solution to it? In my opinion, these two institutions mandated to look into the emoluments of workers are not working, but rather sleeping on the job. Now back to the substantive issue of Ghana now being turned into an “Animal Farm”. I am still baffled as to why workers go on strike over unpaid allowances and salaries, then the government comes out to tell them that there is no money in the state coffers, but the government is able to pay the exgratia of parliamentarians. It seems we have two classes of human beings in Ghana currently, and the “Animal Farm” method is being applied here. Four legs good, two legs bad. So ti means that some groups of people are more important than others. With this mentality, do you think workers would have sympathy for the government? My answer is a big NO. Why the special dispensation for the so called “Article 71” office holders which includes parliamentarians, the Speaker of Parliament, the Chief Justice, President, Vice President etc etc? Now every educated young man or woman is being tagged as a thief by our folks from the rural areas, because the rural folks toil for the economic sustenance of the country, but end up not benefiting. Why do you build a “Cocoa Clinic” in Accra which is not a cocoa producing area, whilst the cocoa growing areas lack even a basic health center? In my opinion, we have lost it as a nation and until we get a leader who would be sensitive to the plight of the masses who don’t have access to health, water, electricity, education, good roads etc, we would continue to live in this “Animal Farm” world.