The Great Shapers From Koforidua 3: Edmund Duodu Atweri of the Divine Mother and Child Foundation (DMAC Foundation)


About Edmund Duodu Atweri (DMAC Foundation): Edmund Duodu Atweri is a 29 year old, born at Teacher Mante, a town in the Ayensuano District, the Eastern region of Ghana and a Registered nurse. Edmund is the founder of Divine Mother and Child Foundation, a maternal and child health non governmental organization based in Koforidua. Maternal health issues has been his passion from childhood when  he saw mothers dying during child birth,  and also seeing single mother’s and widows suffering to cater for their children. His mum lost her mother during child birth which made life difficult for them forcing his mum to marry at a tender age without any formal education. Such stories inspired and encouraged him to be an advocate for maternal health issues.

At nursing college and during practice, he also experienced and saw mothers especially pregnant women in rural areas walk far distances to access health care which included ultrasounds and laboratory services.

Activities of the Divine Mother and Child Foundation (DMAC Foundation)

Ultrasound scan and laboratory investigations are a necessity during pregnancy but it is sad to note that such services are found only in a few health facilities across the country and also not affordable due to the pricing. Most women are disadvantaged hence his dream of establishing an NGO came as a reality. Edmund’s free ultrasound scan services has benefited over 4000 pregnant women who can’t afford in over 40 communities and still counting. This ultrasound scan service is a mobile one where the DMAC Foundation team visit women in their own communities.

DMAC Foundation also offer free laboratory examinations and free health screening which has benefited thousands of women. Through the DMAC Foundation, Edmund has facilitated and sponsored about 15 women to undergo free surgery and other medical conditions.

Through the poverty alleviation project, 50 women have been sponsored to have skills training and capital to start an investment in Koforidua. Edmund is married to Linda Serwaa Tuffour with one kid. You can support this noble cause by getting in touch with Edmund through the details below:

Edmund Duodu Atweri
Executive Director
Divine Mother and Child Foundation


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