The Beaming Black Star: Our 60th Milestone!

By Eugene-Paul Nti

Before the first ship docked the ever refreshing beach of this land about the 1470s, the black skinned Ghanaian lived in settlements enthusiastically pursuing forms of agricultural expansion: some fished, others cultivated lands with eventual battles of conquest under the watch of their chiefs. The white man in rather a pious manner through evangelisation in a cosmetic decoy absorbed us in toto. The ‘Black Star’ then beamed in the pockets of colonial lords with the future of our society lavishly spent by our fellow countryman and his white god. The Divine maker of the universe really had our lands as his foot stool: natural and mineral resources and we had the human resource too, our men were stout, strong and hardworking; the women were fertile and very supportive.

These children born to these wonderful black men and women were intelligent, tactful, smart and ruthless. One of such traits, Kwame Nkrumah seized our identity from these white oppressors affirming that “At long last, the battle is ended! And thus, Ghana, our beloved country is free forever! “And there we had our freedom. Yes! We actually became free. Hope was restored for the young and old, women and men. We could boldly place our hands on our chest and hail out the composition of Philip Gbeho, another gem of the land “God bless our homeland Ghana…bold to defend forever…with all our will and might for evermore.” Celebrations has always been in our DNA so 6th March, 1957 was marked like never before in pomp and pageantry. So like watching a typical Ghanaian movie, you will notice the famous “Six years later” inscription, thereafter, the characters changing for the better, relatively being same as always or will be worse off. It’s been sixty years of political independence of our beloved motherland and is our Black Star beaming?

The journey in retrospect reveals some horrible scenes of greed, malice, corruption and the like which when entertained will quash the seemingly wavering sense of patriotism of the growing youth and so should court a great sense of viewer discretion from all. For our successes, a typical Fanteman will exclaim “O y’ay3 bi!” We certainly have to be proud of how we have demonstrated our democratic credentials and enjoyed a steadily refreshing breath of peace till date. “Afehyia pa” we shall say to ourselves and pat our backs well-done not to relax and glorify ourselves in mediocrity but to brace ourselves to face the colossal yet realistic task of making Ghana the hub of fulfilled dreams and the beacon of Africa we have always touted ourselves to be. To our leaders, we have not come this far to be left stranded by your inactions and actions.

For you to be faithful and loyal to Ghana our motherland and to pledge to put your service in full strength and in high esteem to protect the legacy of our forebears was the reason our thumbs got you there. You owe us this favour for God and country so you cannot fail not at this time that we are sixty. To the wise this bit is more than enough! For us the ruled, we know our attitudes most often is below belt, but there is always the will to do right and this time with conviction we are aggressively going to ensure that street of Abura is kept clean, show more concern to matters of the state espousing on development and thus bring up our kids to live the sense of patriotic feeling we have always yearned for. As for the nation wreckers, we are 60 years now, get this burden of your chest by retiring this cruelly deficient attitude and allow Ghana to work. With a united front we shall surmount the insurmountable. Peace! Long live Ghana!! God bless our homeland Ghana!!


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