Ghana “Mbaa”

By Eugene-Paul Nti

” You waste time taking your bath everyday because you are beauty itself”- an elated husband showering praises on the wife. This sparked smiles on my seemingly dull face because I just got up from bed. I then reached for my phone and the social media notifications all suggested today once again marked the International Women’s Day. Oh yes! We have to celebrate our “divine channels” to this beautiful place, earth. So I placed a call to my number one motivation and strength who throughout the night stood on her feet at the Labour ward in Ekumfi Narkwa to usher in newbies, how proud I am to have her.

We love you Ghanaian mothers and all women, hats off! On this remarkable day, it’s worth joining the various voices reminding and in fact cautioning our fathers who are behind giving our future wives to our grannies, relent your ways because your canes are drenched in kerosene. Be an advocate join us fight this is mundane act of society. To our growing damsels, the technological craze in this our world is rife so take insight from the words of Margaret Thatcher “Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.” so you can make that difference by going beyond being a boss chick on social media. The Oprah Winfreys, Charlotte Oseis Nana Abas and a host of other industrious women will grace occasions to mark this day. It can be you my dear sister, think about it.

Please fathers and husbands spare your wives the bruises and heartaches so they can soundly manage the home impeccably for us. Ghanaian women are the best in world. So like Barack Obama said about the wife in ‘The Audacity of Hope’ we equivocally share in this “Most people who meet my wife quickly conclude that she is remarkable. They are right about this. She is smart, funny and thoroughly charming. Often, after hearing her speak at some function or working with her on a project, people will approach me and say something to the effect of, you know, I think the world of you, Barack, but your wife, wow!” God bless women #International Women’s Day.


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