The Ghana I Yearn For

Ghana is a country blessed with so many natural resources and human resources, and in fact we know how to bring out innovative ideas no matter the problem at hand. As a citizen of this great country, I yearn for so many things from Ghana. I know some will tag this post as being too controversial or being utopian, but all I want is the best for Ghana.

I yearn for a Ghana where you will not go to the Passport Office at 3am and wait till 5am just to submit your completed Passport application forms. A Ghana where you can acquire your passport without the hassle and frustration that we are going through now and also without the so called Goro Boys showing up at the Passport Office every day to extort money from prospective applicants under the pretext of fast tracking the application process . A Ghana where you will not be told to come back in 3 months time after you have applied for a Birth Certificate. A Ghana devoid of ethnocentricsm and tribalism at all levels of the society including the academia. A Ghana where your tribe, creed or political affiliation should not prevent you from securing a job but employment should be based on meritocracy and not nepotism and the usual family and friends and political party affiliation that we see going on.

I also yearn for a Ghana where hospital administrators will not connive with their staff to inflate health insurance claims just to dupe the state. A Ghana where essential drugs given to the hospitals will not be found on the shelves of private pharmacies. A Ghana where Christians, Muslims and Traditionalists will be each others keeper and not involve themselves in corrupt activities at their various workplaces but claim to be worshipping God on their specific days of worship. A Ghana where utility service providers such as the Electricity Company of Ghana and the Ghana Water Company will be prompt to resolve problems associated with their services when we inform them.

I yearn for a Ghana where we will not litter our environment. A Ghana where we can also recycle most or all of our waste materials and add value to our recycled waste. A Ghana where we can grow and eat our own food and also add value to our raw materials. A Ghana where the educational system will be very practical instead of the theoretical and rote learning that is going on. A Ghana where politicians will not become arrogant the moment they win political power but eschew humility and listen to the people and attend to the pressing needs of the people. A Ghana where voting will be issue based and not about personalities. This the Ghana I yearn for, if I have left out something, you can add it. God bless Ghana, our Motherland.

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