The Forgiving Heart

It was a very cold evening when Adwoa Manu broke the news to Michael Owusu, her boyfriend. Adwoa was pregnant and she was scared of what her parents will do to her. She decided to break the news to Michael and find out how he was going to react. Whether he was going to be happy or sad. But Michael went into a panic mode the moment the news hit him. His mind was then flooded with ideas on how to get rid of the pregnancy and also he started entertaining thoughts of running away from Adwoa. The look on his face alone scared Adwoa to marrow and she could not look at him in the face at that very moment.
Michael decided to go on the offensive by denying Adwoa’s pregnancy. He began to accuse her of cheating on him with some of the boys in the community, but Adwoa amidst tears streaming down her face denied that allegation. She reminded him of his insistence not to use a condom as protection anytime they had sex. Yet, Michael continued to deny the pregnancy. Adwoa had no other man in her life apart from Michael and she gave her all to him in the relationship. She now felt humiliated and betrayed by the man who always claimed he loved her. She decided to break the news to her parents and she was ready to accept any form of punishment that would be given to her. She made Michael aware of decision. Her parents also knew that she was in a relationship with Michael and they always advised them to be truthful and good to each other.

That evening Adwoa could not sleep, her parents had gone to church and she was just waiting for them to come back home so that she told them about her pregnancy. Adwoa met her parents at the gate with tears in her eyes and they were surprised to see their daughter crying. They were also shocked when she finally spilled the beans to them that evening. They could not come to terms with it for about thirty minutes. Adwoa’s father then decided to inform Michael’s parents about this new development. A call was made to Michael’s father and he could not talk for some seconds after hearing the news. While this was going on Michael was planning to leave town. He came home late in the night, sneaked into his room and packed some few clothes and left the house. His parents were asleep when he came home. He did not want to face his parents over Adwoa’s pregnancy. He also changed his sim card so as to prevent calls from coming through on his phone. Only God knew where he was going. He the left town for an unknown destination.

Both Adwoa and Michael’s parents were alarmed at Michaels’s abscence when they met to discuss the issue. They tried calling his phone several times but all their attempts proved futile as he could not be reached. Both parents acknowledged the fact that both children were responsible for the pregnancy, and that they were going to make sure Adwoa was taken good care of during the prenatal and postnatal period. Nine months passed and still there was no sign of Michael. Adwoa safely gave birth to a baby boy who looked exactly like his father, Michael. The parents of both Adwoa and Michael decided to name the child Michael Kwadwo Owusu, after his father. Prayers were said for mother and child and they all thanked God for his safe delivery and the good health of the mother.

After two years, both Adwoa and Michael’s parents lost their lives in a terrible motor accident whiles returning from a funeral in the Central Region. This was another sad day for Adwoa. Despite this unfortunate event, Adwoa with the help of her brother who was in the US was able to take good care of his son. Kwadwo was able to make it to the Medical School and eventually graduated with distinction. He was the best in his graduating class. His mom and two of his uncles were at the graduation ceremony to celebrate the day with him. As usual, his mom was full of praise to God for seeing his son through the Medical School. She admonished her son to be good to all manner of people who came to him for treatment. Kwadwo was later posted to another town for him to start his career as a Medical Doctor.
Kwadwo always carried a smile and never hesitated to greet anyone he met on his way to his consulting room. Thus within a short period of his arrival at the hospital he seemed to be liked by everyone both the medical and the non medical staff. He had a listening ear and had time for his patients too especially the sick children. He even decided to spend his weekends with these children telling them stories and sharing the Word of God with them. His mom heard about all these and continued to pray for him. All this while, it had never occurred to Kwadwo to ask his mom who his father was and his whereabouts.

One Saturday evening Kwadwo was just finishing his dinner and he had a call from the hospital. This was an emergency case. Someone had been rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and he was the only doctor closer to the hospital so they had to fall on him. Kwadwo got there only to realize that the person who was hanging between life and death had the same name as him. The nurses on duty too were surprised about the resemblance. Kwadwo did his best and was able to stabilize the condition of the patient. He went into his office and called his mom on phone to inform her of the new development. She rushed to the hospital and confirmed to Kwadwo that the man lying there was his father who abandoned them when he was in her womb. He went back to the ward to attend to the man. He went with his mom. The man was then conscious and was talking to one of the nurses. The moment he saw Kwadwo’s mom, he started shedding tears. He then asked for forgiveness from Kwadwo and his mom. They forgave him. When he got better, he was discharged from the hospital. Kwadwo was able to have a hearty chat with his father before he left, promising to come back and take up his responsibilities as a father. He came back as promised and was able to open a clothing shop for Kwadwo’s mom, went to see her relatives and performed the necessary marriage rites and finally married Adwoa. Kwadwo was thankful to God for bringing back his dad. His mom too was very happy. From that day onwards Kwadwo seemed to be the most happiest person in the world. Thats the power of a forgiving heart.

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