The Writer

He was just a simple man and he lived within the community taking part in all their activities, interacting with the people and even playing with the children. The people only knew him to be an employee of the Local Government. In fact they thought he worked for the District Assembly in the town. Little did they know that he was a Writer who was moving from town to town or village to village observing the people and writing nice, humorous and fascinating stories about the people.
He will come to a community and stay there for three or four months and he had no wife and kids because he lost his family on one of his trips. He made a vow to himself never to stop writing stories that will always bring smiles on the faces of people anytime they read them. These stories were always published in the newspapers and he wrote under the pseudonym “Ghana Ba” (Ghana’s son or Son of Ghana) but his real name was Selasie Kuma. He always spent an hour every evening with the men at the palm wine joint in the middle of the town. Most of the men met there after a hard day’s work to placate their souls with the sweet drink of the palm nut tree. Once they gathered there and the drinks started flowing, the stories also flowed. These stories were both entertaining and pleasant but sometimes laced with a dose of comedy and satire. The palm wine seller was always ready to serve more calabashes of the drink the moment he realized that their calabashes were empty. Thus the writer was always able to write down some stories.
Ghana Ba was very ethical in his writings and he always acknowledged the owners of the stories by ending the stories with their initials. He did not want to be accused of plagiarizing people’s thoughts when these stories were eventually published in the local newspaper. He was not much of a drinker but he made sure that he only consumed one small calabash of palm wine. Ghana Ba wanted to be alert and have a clear mind so as not to miss the stories coming from these men. But little did he know that someone was watching him. There was a detective who was working undercover in the community. He was investigating a murder case in the community and he was also living in the community. He would leave as soon as he completed his investigations into the murder of Mr. Kofi Asiamah. Mr. Asiamah was murdered whiles he was on his way to his farm early in the morning three months ago by some unknown people. All attempts by the police investigators to apprehend the culprits proved futile as no one in the community was willing to talk to them about the case. The detective knew he could get information from the palm wine joint since that was the venue for discussing every issue in the community. The moment he saw Ghana Ba, the detective’s instincts told him this man was not a native of the community, so he started watching and following him. He was always reading the stories in the local newspaper, and saw some similarities in those stories with the ones he heard at the palm wine joint. He then concluded that someone who always frequented that joint could be the writer of those stories.
He was being pressured by his superiors to find the culprits as early as possible, and this was giving him sleepless nights since no one was coming forward with information. On that particular day, the detective got to the palm wine joint early and he sat there for an hour sipping his drink before the others joined him. The writer was also there. Two men came in and they started talking about the murder case with one telling the other that he knew the perpetrators of the crime. Just at that very moment, the detective heard some rumblings in his tummy, that was unfortunate, he thought. He tried suppressing it but he could not so he left. He came back after an hour only to meet an empty joint. He decided to visit Ghana Ba and from his observations knew that he could be trusted. Just as he was about to sit down Ghana Ba heard a knock on the door. He wondered who will knock on his door at that time of the night since it was almost 10pm. He opened the door and there stood before him a tall man who was well built, he also realized that the man was in disguise. The detective introduced himself and was ushered into the room. That was when Ghana Ba realized that his cover had been blown. He knew the detective was going to ask him questions about the murder case so he quickly took out his recorder and handed it over to him. He confessed being the writer of the stories but told him that he was not going to publish this particular murder story because he felt the culprits had to be brought to book. Thus, both men promised not to reveal each other’s identity to anyone. Ghana Ba was able to identify the location of the two men who were discussing the murder case at the palm wine joint, thus he made the detective’s work very easy for him. He thanked him and left.
The next morning at dawn, the two men were picked up and upon questioning by the police, they gave information leading to the arrest of the murderers. These two men were baffled as to how the police got to know that they knew the perpetrators of the crime. They then realized that someone might have heard them discussing the issue at the palm wine joint. In the end the murderers were found guilty by the court and jailed for life. Ghana Ba left the community even before those two men were questioned by the police. He moved on to the next town to look for new stories to write, after all he was just a writer and what do writers do? They write stories and bring smiles on the faces of people. Watch out, your town or community could be next on the Writer’s list.


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