The Visitor

Kwame called his friend Kwadwo to inform him of his visit, and he was to spend two weeks since he was coming to town to work on a certain project. Due to his tight budget, Kwame could not afford to stay in a hotel for the two weeks that he will be in Takoradi. As it was deemed to be one of the most expensive cities in Ghana. Kwadwo was very happy because he had lost contact with his friend just after their graduation from the university five years ago. He started relishing the conversation they will be having when Kwame comes to stay at his place for the next two weeks. He knew very well they will definitely talk about their days at the university and the memories kept coming up. A smile just appeared on Kwadwo’s face as he walked to his office that very morning. His secretary asked him why he was smiling but he told her that he was just happy and not because of anything in particular. He called home and asked his wife to tidy up the guest room because he was expecting an important visitor who will be staying with them for the next two weeks. As usual, she asked the normal questions, “Who is that friend”? “Man or woman”? “Whats the person’s reason for coming to stay”? “How are we going to feed him for the next two weeks”? And she ended by telling Kwadwo, “This means that you have to increase the housekeeping money since we will be having an additional mouth to feed in the house”. Kwadwo did not object but answered his wife with truthfulness and sincerity.

Kwame arrived the next day in the afternoon and he was picked by Kwadwo from the bus station. But before they went home, these two friends had to pass by a pub to empty some green bottles of beer just to be in the mood for the memories to start coming up. They got home just as dinner was ready and Kwadwo’s wife welcomed Kwame to their humble abode. The children also joined them at the dinner table and a great meal it was. After dinner, Kwadwo took Kwame to the guest room which was self-contained and well furnished. They had a conversation for about thirty minutes and Kwadwo left to shower and made sure the children were asleep in their room. He later joined his wife in bed after reading ten pages of a Tom Clancy book “The Sum of All Fears”. He told himself that he will continue the next day. Meanwhile Kwame due to his tiredness just fell asleep on the bed only to wake up in the middle of the night to realize that he had not taken his bath. He decided to continue sleeping and take his bath early in the morning before setting off to start his project. Kwame was an architect and he was in the city to supervise the construction of an ultra-modern ICT center in Takoradi, thus he was needed only for two weeks just to make sure that those in charge of the actual construction did the right thing.
Kwame woke up early the next day, took his bath and his friend Kwadwo served him breakfast. He hurriedly ate and left for the construction site. When he got the, he introduced himself the foreman and then told them what he was there for. They also promised to work with him, thus Kwame immediately established cordial relations with the rest of the workers. He told them to let him know if they have any problems with the work and even their private matters.

As the days passed by, the work was progressing steadily and Kwadwo and his family also continued to see to it that Kwame was well catered for and made to feel comfortable. Just when it was left with two days for Kwame to finish his work and go home, he was visited by one of the workers at the construction site who told him that he had an important information for him. This worker eavesdropped on two men planning to attack and rob Kwame’s friend and his family that very night. He quickly informed his friend and thanked the worker. Kwame then met Kwadwo in town and they went to make a report at the nearest police station. That night the police deployed heavily armed personnel in mufti in Kwadwo’s house. They made it look like there was a party going on in the house. Just around midnight, the plain clothes policemen hid themselves at strategic locations in the house. Around 2am, two men with AK47 riffles scaled the wall of Kwadwo’s house. They then proceeded to the main door, but they never expected to be surprised by the policemen who surrounded them just before they could break the door. They quickly dropped their guns and made an attempt to run, but they could not escape. They were arrested and quickly sent to the police station. Kwadwo and his family came out. Kwame also came out and Kwadwo did not know what to tell his friend. This was because, his friend who was just visiting has saved his life and the entire family from harm. It seems Kwame came to visit at the right time. If Kwame had not visited his friend, the robbers would have caused a major harm to Kwadwo and his family. In fact Kwame was an angel sent to protect Kwadwo’s family. But Kwame went with Kwadwo to visit the worker who gave him the information. Kwadwo rewarded him with a huge sum of money and he was also very happy for Kwadwo’s appreciation. Kwadwo and Kwame’s friendship was strengthened and they promised to keep in touch with each other. Kwame left and Kwadwo was very thankful to God for sending Kwadwo to come and save him from harm. So when your friends visit you, be nice to them and see to it that they are comfortable, who knows they might be angels sent by God to come and protect you.


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