The Ghanaian Politician’s Language

I hope by now you have made up your mind to listen to the language of the Ghanaian politician, as we are in an election year. This year, November 7th, 2016, Ghanaians will be going to the polls to elect a President and Members of Parliament who will serve the country for the next four years. Every Ghanaian is fervently praying for peace before, during and after the elections. Thus, all the political parties have been made aware of the consequences they will face if they resort to violence before, during and after the polls. But on a more serious note, these politicians will go to every nook and cranny of the country to campaign for the votes of the people. They have a certain language they speak and clean your ears as you will be bombarded with several promises and activities just to win your vote.
Ghanaian politicians will tell the electorate, “If you vote for me to win power, I will make sure the roads from your farms to the market centers are constructed”, “ I will build a new school for your community”, “ I will make sure the SHS level of education is free”, “I will make sure you don’t pay too much taxes”, “My opponent says that he will do this and that, don’t listen to him, he cant do it, but vote for me, I am capable of helping you”, “Poverty will be reduced to the barest minimum”, “Everyone will get access to quality healthcare”, “ I will provide affordable housing for all workers”, “ Corruption will be a thing of the past”, “I will provide all school children with free chicken, egg, etc etc”, “I will make sure no government official steals the state’s money”, “ Corrupt government officials will be dealt with”, “ I will extend electricity to your community”, “ I will provide you with good drinking water”. These are just a few of the many promises the politicians will give to you. As for the insults, I cant write them here but stay tuned to your favorite radio stations and tv stations, you will hear a lot. Your comments are kindly welcome on this post.


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