The Frustrated Ghanaian

He is a Ghanaian, yes and like many other Ghanaians, he is frustrated by everything that he sees around him. The wanton display of opulence by government and public officials and politicians from both sides of the political divide. He is frustrated by the lack of action on certain critical issues such as school pupils not having desks and chairs in their classrooms, some of them studying under trees, and these unfortunate precious ones are left at the mercy of the weather.

He is frustrated because he has applied for a passport and it seems like he is going through hell to acquire what he is constitutionally and legally entitled to as a citizen of this once wonderful country. He finds it difficult to comprehend why he has to give out money to some people at the Passport Office before he is given his passport.
He is frustrated because he has a Masters Degree and has been trying to secure a job but all his applications submitted and the aptitude tests he has written have all proven futile, as some of the jobs advertised are just for advertising sake, because they already picked their friends and cronies for the positions. He is also frustrated because when he tried starting a business on his own the banks refused to support him because they told him in right in the face that they regarded startup businesses as high risks and therefore do not support such businesses.

Yes, the Ghanaian is frustrated because this year is an election year and he knows the politicians will go around promising heaven on earth, but will forget about those promises once the elections are over. He is also frustrated by the noise these politicians will be making and the unbridled propaganda machinery unleashed by all the political parties in their quest for power. He knows that most of these parties will share money and other items in their quest to convince voters to vote for them.
He is also frustrated by the minimal attention being given to the agricultural sector of the economy which is the mainstay of the country. He just cannot understand why a country like Ghana has to import most of her food products from the neighbouring countries, whiles the government can help develop the agricultural sector.
He is also frustrated by the lack of action taken against WAEC officials in Ghana for their inability to stop the yearly leakage of both their BECE and WASSSCE examination questions. These officials always give explanations that are mind boggling anytime their questions leak. They are now telling us the difference between foreknowledge and a leakage. He thinks WAEC should take action and plug the leaks.

The Ghanaian is frustrated because, he does not understand why his country is a net exporter of crude oil, but the prices of petroleum products keeps on rising almost every two months. He is also frustrated as he has to board rickety and tetanus infested troskis to and from work every day. He is also baffled by how transport officials have failed to take action on the issues bedeviling the public transport sector.
He is also frustrated because, he does not understand why government officials who are supposed to be at work and are being paid with his taxes wakes up in the morning and all they do is argue on the various radio stations.
These are but just a few of the frustrations a Ghanaian has to go through once he/she decides to stay in the country and help with the nation building. You can also share your frustrations with me by commenting on this post. God bless Ghana.


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