The Gambler

Michael was very happy to have been given admission at the University of Ghana, the nation’s premier university, and he was going to read BSC Psychology. He was to report on campus in a week’s time. Such was the excitement that he started imagining the friends he was going to make there. He also imagined how the atmosphere on campus will be like. He started writing a list of items he will need for the journey he was about to embark on. The list included items such as exercise books, two bags, one for lectures (a backpack) and a traveling bag, two pairs of shoes, one for church and the other for his movement on campus. He told himself that he will buy a casual wear later. The other items included, a gas stove plus a gas cylinder, and a whole lot of miscellaneous items which he will need later. He then submitted the list to his parents who were equally happy for their son.
Michael’s parents thought that he was matured enough to go to town and buy some of the items himself, so they gave him the money and told him to come back home as soon as he bought the items. They also warned him to be careful and watch out for pick pockets who were always preying on innocent victims. He promised to come back home safe and sound with all the items. Michael quickly took a shower, dressed up and he told his parents he was going to town to buy the items.

He got to the center of town and as he alighted from the taxi cab, he noticed that there was a crowd gathered in the middle of the lorry station. Michael became curious and moved towards the crowd. As he drew closer, he noticed that some people in the crowd were putting money on a table with a rope and some playing cards on it. He got there and a voice inside him was telling him to join them. He quickly moved forward and got closer to the table. Michael thought he could make a lot of money from this. At his first attempt he nearly won but luck eluded him and he had to part with one third of the money given to him. Michael did not give up but continued to play the game with the hope of getting his money back. But right there in the crowd stood three plainclothes police officers who were keenly monitoring the activities of the so called game master. They realized that he was seriously switching the cards on the blind side of the gamblers and he also had majority of the audience as his friends. These people cheered him up and unsuspecting victims were made to believe that they could actually win some money by playing the game. The undercover cops were there to effect the arrest of the game master and his accomplices but they were just waiting for the right time to make their move.
Michael placed another bet and as the cards were being shuffled by the game master, Michael noticed that the game master had intentionally taken out one card which was somehow glued to his palm. He confronted the game master but he denied doing that. This resulted in confusion, at that very moment, the undercover cops moved in and held the game master with three of his accomplices. They also saw the trick used by him to dupe people of their money. Michael got all his money back and he thanked the undercover cops who whisked the game master and his three accomplices away to the nearest police station. Michael quickly left to buy the items he needed for school.

When he got home, Michael never told his parents what had happened to him. He vowed never to indulge in any gambling activity. He had learnt his lesson the hard way. If not for the undercover cops, he would have been crying by now and his parents would have found it childish on his part to do that. They would have also stopped them from trusting him. To make matters worse for him, his twin brothers would have made him the laughing stock in the neighborhood as their teasing had no end. He thanked God for the presence of the undercover cops. From that day onwards, Michael vowed never to involve himself in any form of gambling whatsoever no matter how real or true it seemed. Now his aim of going to the university was on course.


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