Fighting Temptations

1. Kwesi was on his way to work on that fateful day and he was in a hurry, he did not notice two children following him from afar. These two children had made up their minds to approach Kwesi and ask him for money to buy food since they were very hungry and had no food to eat. Their parents had passed away and no family member was willing and ready to take care of them. They were left to roam the streets all day and slept in front of someone’s shop in the night. These two children had virtually turned into beggars as they had no one to cater for them. They had to stop going to school after their parents died in a terrible accident a year ago. They approached Kwesi and asked for money, he had no option but to give them his last 5 Ghana Cedis. This meant that he will have to be on an empty stomach till he went back home after work. Since he had some food in the fridge, he found it worthy to sacrifice his money to make the children happy. The children narrated their story to him and tears began to fill Kwesi’s eyes. He went a step further by giving the children directions to his house. He wanted to take care of them. He also promised to come for them after work. As the children left to buy the food, Kwesi felt so sad about their situation. Just as he was getting closer to his workplace a man walked past him and something fell from his backpack without him noticing. It was a brown paper bag and upon careful scrutiny, Kwesi found to his surprise that the bag contained wads of cash neatly arranged. At that moment his conscience started to play tricks on him, one side was telling him to take the money and leave, the other part was also telling him to call the man and give his money back to him. Kwesi called the man and told him what had just happened, he checked his backpack and realized that the brown paper bag was not in it. The man was very grateful to Kwesi, he asked him to come and see him in his office after work. Apparently he was the CEO of one of the biggest firms in the country. That day he had a problem with his car and since he wanted to exercise, he decided to walk to his workplace. He offered to employ Kwesi with a better salary, a car and several allowances which was about ten times what he was earning at his current workplace. Kwesi was dumbfounded and gobsmacked. The man gave him his business card. Kwesi was just grinning from ear to ear as they parted ways. Now he can take very good care of the two children he met earlier on and provide them with the home they badly deserve. Kwesi resigned from his job and accepted the man’s offer. Your guess is as good as mine as to what happened next.

2. Kofi was a hardworking guy and he performed all his tasks assigned to him at the workplace with so much determination. He was someone who showed respect to everyone no matter the status of the person. Due to this, he was easily approached and liked by most people he came into contact with. He made sure his wife got all the attention and care that she deserved. He left home very early that Monday morning because he had some unfinished work at the office. He quickly hailed a cab and gave the driver directions. He got there within a few minutes and got to work. By midday he was done with the work. Kofi decided to rush home and have lunch since he had the urge to eat some home cooked food. When he got home, he realized that there was music playing in the living room and the door too was not locked. He phoned his wife but she was not picking. As he entered the living room he heard some moaning sounds coming from the bedroom, he got closer, opened the door only to see his wife and another man in bed having sex. He thought of picking the machete in the kitchen to kill them but his conscience just told him not to do that. So he clapped and they immediately realized that someone was watching them. The man quickly jumped out of the bed and started dressing up, his wife was in tears. Kofi watched as the man went down on his knees to ask him for forgiveness. What would you have done if you found yourself in this situation?

3. Ama woke up early that morning to go to work but due to the house chores she had to take care of, she missed the company bus. She had no option but to pick a “troski”/”trotro” (commercial passenger vehicle). She was very lucky to have met one just as she got to her junction and this particular one was going towards her workplace which was in the center of the city. She was also the first passenger. The radio was on and a gospel song was being played. Fortunately it was one of her favorites, so she could not help singing along. As other passengers joined the vehicle at the various stops, they just looked at her in amazement as she sang her heart out. One of the passengers even promised to find a producer for her, but Ama just laughed about it and all the passengers started praising her for her sweet and silky voice. Some of them were even wondering why she was not contesting in any of the numerous music reality shows. They told her she will win hands down. She thanked them for the compliments. She felt very happy and told herself this particular day was one of her happiest days in her life and she was starting it on a very wonderful note. She gave the driver’s mate (conductor) 20 Ghana Cedis and was supposed to be given a balance of 18 Ghana Cedis. She was so much into the song that she alighted without collecting her balance. Before she realized, the troski sped off. Ama could not believe what had just happened to her. That day she had to go without food during her lunch break, but she had to borrow some money from a colleague worker before going home. For the next two days, she was able to join the company bus to and from work, that saved her some money. But the following week she missed the bus again, and she had to board a commercial vehicle to work. She was lucky to have boarded that same vehicle that sped off with her money. She confronted the conductor, but he denied taking her money away. She even reminded him that she was the lady who was singing along whiles the gospel song was being played in the vehicle. But this also did not convince the conductor. She paid her fare, but this time around the conductor mistakenly gave her her balance with 5 Ghana Cedis extra. As she was about to alight, she realized the mistake and a voice deep inside her was telling her to take the money and leave, another voice was also telling her to do the right thing by giving the conductor the extra money. She thought of what happened the other time and realized that you don’t repay evil with evil but with love, kindness and truthfulness. She gave the conductor the extra balance and she immediately felt content and happy within her. What would you have done if you find yourself in Ama’s situation? Just be honest.


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