Accra Is Ghana And Ghana Is Accra

Accra is the capital city of Ghana and it has its population made up of people from diverse backgrounds. You can find virtually all the tribes from every part of the country in Accra. This makes the city very dynamic as they all come with their different cultures and they are all engaged in all kinds of work that you can think of. But the city of Accra has no character, and when someone from another country visits and wants to know the peculiar thing that the city is known for. What is it about the city’s night life that attracts people to move there? How is the food situation in Accra? Are there enough recreational centers for the residents to release stress and boredom?

Since Accra is a coastal city, are the beaches clean enough for people to relax there? How are the city authorities keeping the city neat and ensuring that there is some sense of order? I am asking these questions because it seems every major event is held in Accra and always leaving the other major cities and towns behind. More developmental projects are undertaken in Accra.

So I keep on asking myself, why always Accra? What is so special about this city that every major event is held here? The other cities and towns should also have their fair share of events and other important things. If this is not looked at, the other cities and towns will always lag behind in terms of development. What happened to the decentralization policy? In some cases some categories of workers will have to travel all the way to Accra before their payroll anomalies are corrected. This should not be the case, you should be able to conduct any transaction anywhere you are without traveling to Accra before a problem is solved for you. I posed these same questions to a friend and the response I got was “Accra is Ghana and Ghana is Accra”. Based on the above questions asked, I agree with my friend 100%. Do you also agree with the phrase “Accra is Ghana and Ghana is Accra”? You can also share your comments on what makes Accra tick and why it keeps on attracting both Ghanaians and foreigners alike.


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