Caught In The Act

The wedding was one of the most expensive weddings in the town and anyone who attended could not stop talking about it. Everything was on point. The dresses of the couple were as usual very elegant. The reception was also something else. For the couple, Mr. Daniel Brown and Mrs. Rita Brown, it was a dream come true as they were childhood friends and this gradually metamorphosed into a relationship as they grew up. They loved each other very much and promised to be with each other through difficult times. As they exchanged their vows in the chapel, their parents could not hold back their tears. Both parents were happy to see their children start this wonderful journey of love which is full of uncertainties.  They prayed for a successful marriage and wished them well.

At the reception, several experienced married couples gave them pieces of advice, the wedding cake was cut and shared, the food was on another level as everyone ate to his/her fill and some guests even requested for some to be packaged for them to take home. All those who made donations at the gift table were given mugs with pictures of the couple embossed on them. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brown’s wedding was the talk of the town for several weeks. It seemed they had set a standard for weddings in their area, Two Streams, a suburb of Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital of Ghana. For their honeymoon, they left for an unknown destination where they spent almost two weeks enjoying their fresh marriage.

By the time they came back from the honeymoon, the dust had settled and there was no more gossip and talk about their wedding in town. This made them go about their activities without anyone asking them unnecessary questions. Daniel Brown was an accountant with one of the big firms in Koforidua, and his wife, Rita was working with one of the banks in town. Both of them were well to do financially and were also satisfied with their living conditions. They lived in a two bedroom apartment with a toilet and bath. Rita was a good cook and his husband really enjoyed her food, always complimenting her whenever he was eating in the house. Mr. Brown too was very good in bed as he was able to satisfy his wife very well. They could make love three times before daybreak whenever both wanted to have sex. On weekends when they were both home, love making was something that was frequent and they both enjoyed it to the fullest. That always brought smiles to their faces every morning when they were about to leave for work. They kissed whenever they were about to go out for work. This in a way made them forget about the previous day’s quarrels and arguments. Mr. Brown was quick to apologise anytime he wronged his wife and she had a forgiving heart which was always willing and ready to forgive and forget her husband’s mistakes. Thus, their neighbours looked at them with envy as Mr. and Mrs. Brown were always seen together smiling and talking to each other.

Anytime Mr. Brown was late coming home after work, he will call his wife and inform her. She also did likewise. Mr. Brown will sometimes take his wife shopping but Rita always thinking about their future made sure that they did not spend too much money, since they just started a new life and they have to plan for the future. This delighted her husband who really appreciated the far sightedness of his wife. They went to church together almost on every Sunday. One interesting thing their neighbours noticed about Mr. and Mrs. Brown was that they always wore the same color of dresses anytime they were going out on weekends. This baffled their neighbours who seemed not to understand how much they loved each other. Thus they enjoyed every moment during their weekend outings. Their parents will visit from time to time to check on them and they always left with smiles, some goodies and as usual some money. Both parents were always asking when they will have their grandchild. This question sometimes irritated the couple but they politely told them that God’s time was the best and that they will surely have children.

In fact, Mr. Brown was a very responsible husband and he provided all the needs of his wife, material, emotional and sexual. He was there for her anytime she came back from work whenever she had a bad day. He spoke words of encouragement to her and told her not to give up, he told her to ignore her detractors and focus on her work. In fact he was always telling her not to involve herself in any shady deals going on at the bank. She was happy to have a husband who encouraged and inspired her all the time.

Mr. Brown was about to leave town for a conference in Abuja, Nigeria for two weeks, he promptly informed his wife who was very sad upon hearing it. She just could not cope being lonely at this early stage of their marriage. Her husband told her he will call every day so that she will not miss him. He was to leave in two days’ time. Mr. Brown within these two days made sure he gave his wife all the needed attention. But still when he was about to leave, Rita was very sad but she could also not stop him from leaving for the conference in Abuja. He left early that morning after a very good night of love making. He promised to call the moment he touched down in Abuja. That day, Rita could not concentrate much on his work and she was also not cheerful. Her boss noticed her mood and wanted to know if she had any problem, but she told him that she was just not feeling well. She was then given permission to go home at midday. On her way home she began to think of how lonely she will be in the house for the next three weeks. She needed someone to cheer her up and make her happy in the absence of her husband. Just as she was deeply thinking about those things her phone rang and it was Daniel her husband. She was almost home so she quickly entered the house and sat down in the living room. She was happy to hear Daniel’s voice once again. Daniel too was happy to hear Rita’s voice. They talked for almost an hour. Both of them wished that the days will just fly by quickly for them to be with each other again.

Loneliness they say can make people do the unthinkable and Rita was about to do something that will affect his marriage. She started making advances towards one of her co-workers who tried as much as possible to ignore her. Dennis was aware that Rita was married and he made up his mind not to involve himself in any relationship with her. Rita always asked him to escort her to the house after work. The farthest he will go was just at the entrance of her house. But on a particular day, Rita was very feeling very lonely and she asked Dennis to keep her company, he tried to give her excuses but she will not take “no” for an answer. So he too, like a lamb being led to the slaughter, he followed her into the house. He sat down in the long sofa in the living room and waited for her as she was in the kitchen taking some drinks from the fridge. Rita came back with only her brazier and panties on to serve Dennis with the drinks. He felt uncomfortable all of a sudden and told her to dress up otherwise he will leave. She told him that she was in her house and she had the right to do whatever made her feel good and comfortable. Dennis tried as much as possible not to look at her but he could not prevent his eyes from focusing on her. Rita too was a well endowed woman and she was well built and she looked very seductive even with her clothes on, and now that she was almost naked in front of Dennis, he simply could not resist. He quickly moved closer to Rita and put her arms around her and looked into her eyes and moved his lips closer to hers. Rita quickly responded by putting his hand into his pant and started removing his belt. As their lips met, it seemed that both of them had been waiting for this very moment and it was like a volcano that was about to explode. They kissed intensely for some few minutes and they were both naked in the living room making love. Rita was very much satisfied after they made love three times before midnight. Both of them were exhausted by midnight, Rita had some cooked rice in the fridge so she warmed it in the microwave, added stew to it and they both ate. She had wanted Dennis to stay till morning so that they will continue with their love making, but he told her that what they just did was not right and he wanted to leave. Dennis felt guilty but he told himself that he was just satisfying Rita’s sexual needs in the absence of her husband and there was no love between the two of them. They kissed and Dennis left. Rita felt very good as Dennis was very good in bed just like her husband. She started thinking of inviting Dennis over anytime she felt the urge to have sex whenever her husband was away.

The next day at work, Rita was all smiles and her co-workers were wondering what was making her grin from ear to ear. She entered Dennis’ office under the pretext of submitting a client’s loan application documents to him for his perusal and he quickly locked the door. They kissed briefly and she invited him to her house once again. Dennis reminded her of she being married but she brushed it aside. Since he was a lover of free things and he will not loose the opportunity to have another bite at the cherry, Dennis agreed to her request. This time around as they were making love, Rita’s phone rang and it was Mr. Brown, she decided not to answer the call as she will give an excuse later for her inability to pick the call. This adulterous relationship between Rita and Dennis went on for almost two weeks. Anytime Dennis came over they ended up making love and both were enjoying it to the fullest.

Unknowingly to Rita, one of her neighbours was very much aware of what was going on as he observed Dennis’ movement in and out of the house for the past two weeks. Mr. Brown finally came back from the conference in Abuja and Rita was very happy to be with her husband once again. That evening was a very romantic one in the house of Mr. and Mrs. Brown as they made love throughout the night. Rita wanted to show her husband how much she missed him whiles he was away. The next day as Mr. Brown was going to work he met his neighbor, Kofi just around the corner. Kofi told him about what he observed whiles Mr. Brown was away in Abuja. He advised him to pretend to be going on another trip so that he will come back home and catch his wife in the act. He still could not believe what his neighbor just told him. He went back home and pretended that everything was alright. He then told Rita that he had to travel again in two weeks time. At the back of her mind Rita was very happy because she will get the chance to continue her affair with Dennis. Though Rita was enjoying her marriage, she was also not ready to stop what he had started with her co-worker, Dennis.

On the said day that Mr. Brown was supposed to travel, he packed some clothes in his bag and other items, kissed Rita goodbye and boarded a taxi to town. He then called one of his friends and told him about what he wanted to do. The friend gladly asked him to come and lodge at his place. The next day Rita told Dennis at work about her husband’s absence and as usual both of them were happy to enjoy each other once again. They quickly rushed to Rita’s house and started their adulterous affair. At that same moment Mr. Brown and his friend were heading towards the house upon a phone call from Mr. Brown’s neighbor. He called to inform Mr. Brown of sighting Rita and her new found boyfriend in the house. Mr. Brown asked his friend to accompany him, as they got closer to the house, he could hear someone moaning in the living room and it was a female’s voice. He decided to use the backdoor as Rita always forgot to lock it. Mr. Brown and his friend got to the living room and saw his wife and another man naked and busily making love. He used his phone to take some pictures of them and he shouted “My God, what am I seeing”? “Rita, what is this, am I dreaming or what”? Rita and Dennis both became surprised that they have been caught and they quickly disentangled themselves, Dennis looked for his clothes and started dressing up, Rita was just sitting there with her face buried deep in her palms and started crying. Both went down on their knees and begged Mr. Brown for forgiveness. Tears were just streaming down Mr. Brown’s eyes as he could not hold himself together at that very moment, he sat down and wept. Dennis left leaving Rita alone to face her husband and his friend. Rita then entered the bedroom dressed up and started packing his clothes, apparently she could not stand the embarrassment and was leaving the house. She left and Mr. Brown was left alone with his friend who tried consoling him as he continued to cry his eyes out. He just did not understand why this should happen. He was providing for Rita’s needs, emotionally, materially and sexually, so why will she cheat in his absence? He called his parents and informed them of the incident, Rita’s parents too got to know of it. Now it seemed their marriage which was the envy of their neighbors was on the verge of collapse and there was nothing he could do to save it after catching his wife having an affair with another man in their matrimonial home. Rita was caught in the act and she could not cope with the embarrassment that comes with it so she had to leave town. No one knew of her whereabouts, not even her parents and her close friends.

Now the once happy and blissful marriage of Mr. Daniel Brown and Mrs. Rita Brown was no more. A date was set for both families to meet for either an amicable settlement or dissolve the marriage. Both Daniel and Rita showed up on that day with gloomy faces. Daniel was not willing to take Rita back as his wife and Rita too was not remorseful for what she had done. So the marriage was dissolved. Now both of them had to start their lives all over again. Mr. Brown could not believe that just two months ago he was happily married but currently finds himself alone once again. Rita left Koforidua due to the shame and humiliation she faced as a result of what she did. She realized that people were gossiping about her in town. What happened to the vows they exchanged with each other and the promises they made to each other?



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