Shattered Dreams

Auntie Ama’s scream tore through the neighborhood as she knelt down by Akosua’s lifeless body in the room that day. Tears were just streaming down her face and she could not stop them. She had now lost her husband and daughter just within three months. Mr. Kofi Manu died when he tried to prevent some armed robbers from raping his wife and daughter when they attacked their house. The robbers shot him and left the house. Now Auntie Ama has to deal with the death of her only daughter and child. Some people from the nearby house heard her scream and quickly came over and saw her holding the lifeless body of Akosua in her arms.

The Police were called in to come and convey the body to the mortuary for an autopsy to be conducted. Aunty Ama was also invited to the Police Station for her statement to be taken. As they were combing through the room for evidence as to what might have caused Akosua’s death, one Police Officer chanced upon a hand written letter addressed to a certain Kwabena Nti and the contents were as follows: “My Dear Kwabena, by the time you get this message, I will be gone to the next world. My blood is on your hands as you refused to keep your promise of taking care of me and the unborn baby. You have really disappointed me as you refused to accept responsibility for this pregnancy. I am now torn between keeping this pregnancy and facing the disgrace that will come with it and aborting it which might also end my life. I insisted on you using a condom but you refused telling me that you wanted to show me how much you love me, though I was not comfortable with it, I had to go with it out of love. This is where my so called love for you has taken me as I near my grave. I hope you will be thinking about what you have made me do and it will be on your conscience for the rest of your life till you also depart from this world. I will be waiting for you in the next world and I hope to see you soon. May God forgive you for cutting my life short on this earth. We had plans of living happily after in the future but you decided to be selfish and you were always thinking about yourself and not us. You forced me to drink the concoction to abort the pregnancy, and when you realized that I was in pain, you left me alone to bear the agony. I never knew you were so wicked and heartless. In fact, I regret the day I met you. My soul would never rest until you get the punishment that you deserve at the hands of the law. But remember that my ghost will haunt you till you confess to the relevant authorities. To my dear and loving mom, I am very sorry to have disappointed you with all the trust and confidence you had in me. You are the best mother and I hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me. I hope someone finds this message.” The Police Officer after reading the message told his colleagues of his discovery.

The Police decided to look for the whereabouts of Kwabena Nti, Akosua’s boyfriend. A message was relayed to all the Police Stations in the country to be on the look out for Kwabena Nti. A picture of him was even published in the newspapers and a bounty of 5000 Ghana Cedis was placed on him. His parents were contacted and they also did not know of his whereabouts. They promised to inform the police as soon as they find him. This was going to be a very difficult task because all attempts to communicate with Kwabena Nti had been futile as he had switched off his phone. Kwabena Nti realizing the sort of trouble he found himself in after forcing Akosua to drink the concoction left his girlfriend who was in pain in the room and bolted.

He quickly rushed home and picked some clothes and other items, packed them into a small bag and left the house. His parents were not at home for them to be asking him questions. He did not know where he was going but he wanted to be far away from home as much as possible. Kwabena thought of first going to his friend in the nearby town but he decided against that as it will be easy to track him there. He knew the Police will be looking for him the moment Akosua died. He also took along some money which he had stashed away in his room. He made up his mind to move from town to town without showing any sign of being scared or having committed a crime. Just imagine the thoughts going through the mind of such a person. Will he be able to live a normal life? His life will be full of pretenses.

As he moved from town to town just to elude the law enforcement agencies he started thinking about his family back home. He could not shake off the nostalgic feelings he was having of the good old days when he used to hang out with his friends. All these thoughts brought tears to his eyes. Kwabena decided to buy a pair of sunglasses so as to disguise his appearance. This was because the Police had splashed his pictures in most of the newspapers and there was a hefty amount placed on his head. Little did he know that he was about to be apprehended and handed over to the police. This was due to the hefty bounty placed on his head by the police. The boys in his former area were also on the lookout for him since they got to know of the bounty placed on him.

Kwabena was tired so he decided to relax under a tree on the outskirts of the town. He took off his spectacles and then sat under the tree. He fell asleep all of a sudden and he had a dream. In the dream Akosua was with him and she was asking him why he was running away from her. He tried to give her a response but he could not utter a word as Akosua slapped him in the face accompanied by insults and curses. He then heard a lot of noises and this jolted him from his sleep only to find out that almost all the townsfolk have gathered around him with two policemen standing by him. He got up and the policemen showed him his picture in the newspaper. Apparently someone saw Kwabena sleeping under the tree he remembered that he had seen this particular face in the newspapers. He then called the police and the townsfolk also got to know about it. Kwabena was read his rights by the policemen, handcuffed and taken away. He was to be processed for court the next day. When Akosua’s mom heard of the arrest he heaved a sigh of relief and thanked God for listening to his prayers.

Kwabena Nti was arraigned before court the next day and the judge, Justice Kwadwo Amponsah did not waste time on him as the police had already completed their investigations. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison with hard labour, Kwabena’s lawyer, Mr. Kwaku Dankwa pleaded with the judge to tamper justice with mercy as his client was very young and he being the only child of his parents will be very traumatic for his family. But the judge decided to pass his judgment. Kwabena’s parents were present in the courtroom together with Akosua’s mom. Surprisingly they were sitting on the same bench and they appeared to be consoling each other. Kwabena’s dad apologized to Akosua’s mom for what his son had done and promised to bear the cost of Akosua’s funeral. He then asked permission from the judge to make a statement and it was granted. He then admonished the youth of the town to take a cue from what had happened to his son and stick to their studies. As he was talking tears could be seen in the eyes of Kwabena’s mom as he was not going to see his son again for the next 20 years. It felt like a very sharp sword was being used to pierce her heart.

Kwabena Nti was then taken away by the policemen and handed over to the prison officers who began processing him for him to start serving his sentence. After ten days Kwabena was allowed to come for Akosua’s funeral and he was accompanied by two prison officers. When he got to where the coffin carrying Akosua’s remains was, he wept and the prison officers had to move him away from there as some people began hurling insults and abusive words at him. He was then taken back to the prison after the burial as he refused to eat or drink anything at the funeral grounds. He vowed never to involve himself in such an unfortunate incident again when he comes out of prison. Now all his dreams have been shattered as a result of the crime he committed and the consequences he was facing.

Twenty years later, Kwabena Nti was released from prison, and whiles he was in prison, his mom and dad passed away and he could not come to terms with it as they were his only hope of consolation. He came back home to meet an empty house. Akosua’s mom too had passed away. Now Kwabena Nti seems to have lost everything including his family, he now had to start life all over again. He had shattered Akosua’s dreams of being a Medical Doctor and his dreams of being an Engineer. He wept bitterly the whole day, then later in the evening decided to go to church and devote his life to the work of God. Now Kwabena Nti is a pastor moving from town to town preaching the Gospel and winning souls for Jesus Christ.


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