Celebrating The “Gatetor” (Corn Miller)

Corn Miller (Photo CreditPhoto Credit: cse.lehigh.edu

Have you ever thought about how your banku, Hausa koko, konkonte, gari and other local delicacies are processed before they finally end up as the delicious and sumptuous meals you enjoy? Then you have to say a big thank you to the “Gatetor” (corn miller) in your community or anywhere you find one.

This man is one of the most important people in our communities but he is ignored most of the time. Without him, we will not be able to enjoy our banku, tuo zaafi, konkonte, porridge, locally made Tom Brown, fula etc etc. The gatetor or corn miller takes his time to grind these staple foods such as the corn, millet, rice, cassava, sorghum  and others to powdery form so that we can enjoy our meals in our various homes and other eating places. He is also sometimes the last person to sleep in the community as he has to wait and grind the maize etc etc brought to him before he can close and go home.

In this era of dumsor, the corn miller has to improvise so as not to be out of work. Most of them install what we call “manpower” plants in their shops and use this energy source to power their mills whenever the lights go off, and this comes with an extra fee as he has to pay for the diesel being used to fuel the “manpower” plant.

Anytime you are enjoying your cooked banku, porridge, tuo zaafi, etc etc, dont forget to say a big thank you to the “Gatetor” (Corn Miller), for without him, how will you enjoy your meal? Lets celebrate these people in our communities, they deserve it. God bless the “Gatetor”, God bless the farmer, God bless you all, God bless Ghana.



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