Reuben Rides To Restore Smiles

Reuben BekoeHave you ever thought of living in a world where people find it difficult to smile or show their faces and let you know that they are happy? Be thankful to God Almighty for His mercies as you wake up every morning and you look at yourself in the mirror and you are just happy with what you see. But not everyone is fortunate to be smiling like you. These unfortunate ones have to hide even from the public as they are stigmatized by their friends and ridiculed, but that is about to change as we all are entreated to support our brother Reuben Griffiths Bekoe as he embarks on a journey to restore the smiles on the faces of these children.

As part of raising funds to help restore the smiles of children with cleft lip, Reuben Griffiths Bekoe decided to single handedly ride around the country to raise funds for the Ghana Cleft Foundation. He has been riding from region to region and has so far covered 8 regions so far mobilizing funds for the cause. Reuben has raised a little over GhC2000 and is still hoping to meet his target of GhC15000 before ending his ride in December. God bless you all.

In this regard, follow the #ReubenRides hashtag on Twitter and also Reuben Bekoe on Facebook to help raise awareness and solicit for more funds to meet the target. You can support this selfless cause by donating to the Airtel mobile money number 0263161964/ Tigo Cash number 0571500010 or Ecobank account 0213074414843601(Kumasi Branch).

Facebook: Reuben Griffiths Bekoe, Twitter: @RGBekoe


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