My National Volunteer Day 2015 Activities 1: Cleaning The JamesTown Beach

NVDay15It was a normal Saturday morning and i woke up with more vigor and determination knowing very well the task ahead of me this very day, 19th September, 2015. I was to join a number of friends and a wonderful group of students from the InnovateGhana  from the University of Ghana to clean the beach at Jamestown, a suburb of Accra.  This was part of activities marking the National Volunteer Day which was to start from the 19th September to 21st September which was the actual day. Several groups will be undertaking volunteer activities all over the country.

I got to Jamestown and met one of my friends, Sampson Worlanyo (who had come all the way from Ho, since he did not want to miss any volunteer work in Accra decided to join us clean the beach. Apparently, he was in Accra to run some errands so he decided to volunteer his free time to help us undertake this activity)  under the Lighthouse and as usual we seem to have come on time but the other members were not yet in. We went on a tour of the beach and what we saw baffled us. The filth was all over the beach with plastics, water sachets and polythene bags and fecal matter being dominant. But this did not discourage us from embarking on what we wanted to do. Three other friends, Nathaniel Alpha, Duncan Gablah and Seyram Ahiabor later joined us.

The other members came and we went down to the beach equiped with our brooms, rakes, baskets, shovels and big polythene bags to collect the rubbish. Within two hours we cleared a big stretch of the beach and arranged for a pick up to convey the rubbish to a proper disposal site.The students came up with ideas on how to manage the waste and we were happy to hear them pitch their ideas to us. But, the people in the community were reluctant to join us, interestingly some of them came to the beach to attend to the call of nature while we were cleaning up the beach. Thus it was a day well spent. We made Mother Ghana proud. Watch out for part two of this post.


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