When Two Elephants Fight….

The forest is a very unique environment and most forests have wild animals such as lions, elephants, tigers, etc etc. These animals always prey on each other to survive. This means that the weak animals always live in fear as they are the ones who are constantly being hunted by the strong animals.

Ghana has now two bigger animals and let me call them the two big elephants. These two are the Government and Labour. As the saying goes “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers” (author unknown). The Government and Labour are in a serious fight and the common people or the masses (the grass)  are the ones bearing the brunt of this fight.

Relating this fight to the strike action currently embarked on by members of the Ghana Medical Association, we all will agree that  the ordinary Ghanaian who cant afford private health care is the one suffering most. Government officials can access private health care or fly their relations abroad for medical treatment. The Ghana Medical Association is on strike because of the Government’s inability to give them their conditions of service which they have proposed to them. Negotiations are still ongoing between the Government and the GMA to reach an amicable settlement for the Doctors to go back to work.

The Government health facilities have to turn away patients coming there to access health care due to the absence of the doctors. We all plead with the Doctors to go back to work as their leaders continue to negotiate with the Government. If this fight is allowed to continue the masses will suffer most. but alas, when two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers. God save Ghana. 

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