Common Sense And Wisdom Leaves Ghana

Once upon  a time in a country called Ghana, there lived two brothers, “Common Sense” and “Wisdom”. These two brothers were very hardworking and determined to ensure a good life for the people of this beautiful country. They will wake up every morning and walk around to make sure that the people were complying with the laws of the land. as time went on, some aliens such as “Greed”, “Corruption”, “Insult”, and in fact all the social vices you can think of sneaked “nicodemously” into the country. The two brothers did whatever they could to get rid of these aliens who were drawing the country back but their efforts proved futile as the aliens were welcomed and made to feel at home.

One night, the two brothers decided to leave Ghana since they could not bear it any more. So they decided to leave the shores of Ghana for good to an unknown destination. They made up their minds to come back to Ghana whenever Ghanaians are ready to welcome them back. They felt so sad leaving Ghana, but they had no option as the people were not ready and willing to do the right things they were always telling them. So, with the departure of Common Sense and Wisdom from Ghana, the aliens are licking their lips with glee as they have taken over the country. As the two brothers left, their eyes were full of tears.

From the above narrative, you will all agree with me that Common Sense and Wisdom has truly and really left Ghana, and the social vices have taken over. Politicians are creating, looting and sharing Ghana’s money with their cronies. Why do we play politics with every sensitive issue in this country? Whiles some people have been appointed to do their work, some people within the ruling party will do everything possible to thwart their efforts at doing the right thing and the opposition also makes political capital out of it. We all know what went on Old Fadama (Sodom and Gomorrah). People bribe Town and Country officials and Land Commission officials just for them to look the other way so that they build in water ways. When floods happen, then these same people produce their permits and other documents to prevent their properties from being demolished. They also jeopardize the future of our children by conniving with WAEC officials, teachers etc to leak examination questions. When this is detected and the papers are cancelled, the children are the ones who go through a lot of psychological trauma. What sort of country are we living in? These same people claim to be Muslims and Christians. I keep on asking myself, do these people worship God at all? Do they even know the tenets of their faiths?

Lets all pray that these two brothers “Common Sense” and “Wisdom” will come back to Ghana. Watch out for Part 2 of this post. God save Ghana.


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