Where Is Ghana Heading To?

When i woke up from my dream about my journey to Rome, i had to quickly travel to Takoradi to embark on one of my “legal Galamsey activities”. This journey usually resulted in tired limbs with all parts of my body aching. But i had no choice than to make that journey. This was the only job that put food on my table. This work was only on weekends. As i boarded the vehicle i asked God Almighty to carry us safely to Takoradi.

We safely got to Takoradi and this coincided with the National Sanitation Day activities which was being held on the first Saturday of every month. This particular one was on 2nd May, 2015. As i got to the Market Circle, i saw a huge crowd of people gathered there. Upon careful observation, i realized that there was a cleanup exercise going on. Surprisingly, the traders who generated the filth were standing there with their arms folded and stood aloof as members of the security services cleaned the market. They were just waiting for them to finish with the cleanup so that they go back into the market and continue to sell their items.

These same traders will blame the government of the day if an epidemic breaks out in the market and its immediate environs. I stood by and watched with tears in my eyes. With this kind of attitude, we cant develop this country. We need a serious attitudinal change and we must also stop the blame game. I used to have nostalgic feelings about my childhood days when all members of the community took part in communal labour with a sense of unity and purpose for the common good of the community. Those days are no more. Now people even leave rubbish on the streets for only God knows who to come and collect.

Where are we heading to as a nation? What went wrong? Why do we always try to find fault with people instead of fixing the problem at hand? Yet we look up to the western world and we always want to be at par with them. With this kind of attitude it will take us more than a thousand years to be at par with the western world no matter the technological advances that we have made. God save Ghana now. Say a prayer for Ghana.


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