My Sad Saturday

I am so sad as i write this post and i don’t understand why this should happen. An experience this dawn also prompted me to write this post. I heard a loud bang outside around 3am as i slept. Initially, i thought the thieves were around breaking into someone’s room, but another shout came from someone on the street that one of the shops was on fire.

I quickly got out of the room and shouted for all the students to come out into the open. I then realized it was an electrical fault in one of the shops by the street. We quickly switched of our main source of power. Someone called the Fire Service but they only told us that it was a prank call and they will not come. A man quickly got into his car and drove to the Fire Service station.

In about a few minutes time i could count about 50 people on the street who watched helplessly as the fire became very strong and continued to burn and spreading to the nearby shops. The Fire Service officers arrived and it took them another 15 minutes to assess the situation and start fighting the fire. The long and short of it is that, one shop had everything burnt in it. It was a sad situation when the owners of the shops came and they could not help crying their hearts out. We moved closer to them and tried consoling them.

In fact, we all were very sad and did not understand why the fire fighters failed to come quickly to quench the fire We must switch off all electrical gadgets when the lights go off to prevent a fire outbreak when the light comes back on.


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