How Safe Is Your Water?

Today, 22nd March, 2015 is being commemorated as World Water Day throughout the world. Countries all over the world are facing challenges as to how to provide their citizens with clean and safe drinking water. As the saying goes “Water is life”, and without water the world will be a very sad place.

Water is needed by humankind for both domestic and industrial use. We need water for washing, cleaning, cooking and drinking. The industries also need water to aid them in the production process. But the question one must ask is that, how safe  is your water? We still  dont trust where our source of drinking water. We see all types of sachet water being sold in our towns, villages and cities in Ghana. Have they all been certified and approved by the Ghana Standards Authority? its very shocking to buy some of these so called mineral water and you just see dirt particles in them.  We should be careful where we buy water. Contaminated water can end your life  on this earth, so beware of the water you drink. Our industries are still polluting our water bodies with their toxic waste, illegal mining activities are going on and it seems most governments are looking on as these water bodies are being destroyed.

Lets all try our very best and use water wisely. Do you leave your taps on when the water is not flowing? Do you also use more water than you need in the house? Do allow your children to play with water in the house? Have you ever reported a broken pipeline to the authorities? Do you indulge in illegal water connection to your house? As you ponder over these questions just have it at the back of your mind that the last drop of water on this earth will signal the extinction of humankind. Happy World Water Day.


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