Ghana Weeps

Once again Ghana is celebrating her independence day and this is the 58th one. But Mother Ghana is weeping bitterly. I can see her tears streaming down her face and this could even fill the Akosombo Dam for it to generate enough electricity for the whole country. Its as if someone has beaten or flogged Mother Ghana for something she did not do. One should ask him/herself why Mother Ghana is weeping.

We are 58 years old but when you look around, we have all the natural resources but we still borrow money from the West to embark on development. We see corruption all over the country in all sectors and it is very embarrassing. It seems we are now in a competition with other corrupt countries in he world. There is so much display of arrogance by not government officials and the insults from them are jut becoming too much. Ghana weeps because our radio and TV stations waste precious air time to invite political parties to make noise on platforms. The civil service is no longer respected as it used to be some time back as a result of poor time management, arrogance and corrupt activities of some of he officials. Our security services are not doing what hey are supposed to do but always look the other way when some papers change hands. Mother Ghana just can’t stop weeping. We still can’t have electricity supply for 24hours, there are still schools under trees, poor health care, ethnocentrism, nepotism, academic  bigotry etc etc still exist in Ghana. With all these, why won’t Mother Ghana weep?

Happy 58th Independence Day to Mother Ghana, God bless our homeland Ghana.


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