Dumsor Chronicles

As I observed with uncertainty in the darkness how the blood thirsty mosquitoes were having a field day chewing me and sucking my blood at the same time, I realised how a nation of talkers we have become all these years. A party comes to power only to be thinking about how to win the next elections. They therefore do not tackle even the problems they came to meet but rather go strictly by the party manifesto.

Ghana has been facing a serious energy crisis for the past three years and there seems to be no end in sight for this crisis. Promises have been made to end the crisis but all we see is the problem getting worse by the day. Our leaders talk more and do less action and that is why we find our selves facing this gargantuan energy crisis.

Because of “dumsor” businesses are collapsing, workers are being laid off, lives are being lost in the hospitals and in the homes due to fire outbreaks as a result of power fluctuations and people forgetting to switch off their gadgets and also lighting candles during the blackouts. It seems everyone is calling on the government to solve this energy crisis within the shortest possible time. Are we being lied to or those in authority are deliberately preventing us from knowing the real truth about this dumsor problem?

Why are we not harnessing the power of the sun to generate energy to power our homes and industries. We are just sitting there and watching the scorching heat of the sun go waste. When at all will our leaders put on their thinking caps? Now the load shedding has no formula and schedule with some areas not having electricity for more than four days.

You can share your story and be part of the #DumsorChronicles or #MyDumsorDiaries on facebook. Tell us about the power situation in your area. God save Ghana.

5 thoughts on “Dumsor Chronicles

  1. Nice piece
    Buh i think what Ghanaians should desist from is blaming dumsor on political basis. we are all one nation so lets all help solve this issue & stop politicizing about it.
    i learnt the first dumsor was even in the 80’s and since then nothing was done thats why we are all suffering now.
    and u can bear with me now that population have increased, literacy have increased the cray for technological gadets have also increased. and s on and so fourth

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