When People Take The Law IntoTheir Hands

On that fateful day, 4th January, 2015 in the late afternoon, as i sat in front of my friend’s pharmacy shop in Koforidua having a chat with him about our unemployment situation, i felt a sense of relief since it was a while coming back home and also happy to be back home and being with my childhood friends. I also took that opportunity to wait for another friend. In fact we discussed a lot from football, politics, unemployment to what the town of Koforidua has become now.

Then, i noticed someone alight from a bus and left something in a rubber bag by the roadside and left. I became suspicious but quickly brushed it aside as being one of those things. The guy came back for the thing in the rubber bag and left. In about a few minutes time i saw a man with a sharp cutlass running towards the pharmacy and being chased by about ten boys. He was able to run to the back of the shop which was an open area, but by now he was surrounded by the boys. He managed to slash three of them with his cutlass and the weapon fell from his hand. That was when he was beaten with all manner of implements by those chasing him. The three injured guys were quickly rushed to the hospital.

The man was left lying there in an unconscious manner. Attempts to call the police to come to the scene proved futile as no one knew the police emergency number. When they were finally called, the police told us that they were not in a position to come to the crime scene. A Fire Service Personnel who chanced upon the horrifying scene decided to convey the unconscious man to the hospital. There was blood all over the place.

So what is the work of the police? It seems people have lost trust in the police. If the police cant protect us then what happens? People will definitely take the law into their own hands and deliver jungle justice when ever the need arises. For the sake of ethics, i will not add the pictures to this post. God save Ghana, God bless you all.

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