Happy Farmers Day: Cheers With A Callabash of Palm Wine

The day is 5th December and as usual we in Ghana are celebrating and rewarding our gallant farmers and fisherfolk. The ten regions of Ghana would have their respective celebrations for the gallant farmers and fisherfolk but the grand celebration would take place at Sehwi Wiawso in the Western Region and it would be graced by the President of the Republic himself. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our hardworking and gallant farmers and fisherfolk for providing us with food everyday. I say a big thank you and ayeekoo to them. But are these gallant and hardworking citizens of the land getting the recognition that they deserve?

Are our farmers and fisherfolk getting access to the best health care in their localities? Are their children getting access to quality education? Do they have good roads on which they transport their farm produce to the market centers? Are they getting enough fertilizer to use on their farms?  What is being done to help our fisherfolk along the coast and also on the rivers in the interior to easily get access to premix fuel which is needed badly to fuel their outboard motors? Are our cocoa farmers really benefitting from the COCOBOD Scholarship Scheme or it is being hijacked by a few corrupt officials who find a way of giving the opportunity to the children of people who are not cocoa farmers? Why do we as a nation have to import most of our food items whiles we can produce most of them here, add value to them and even export the surplus.? All these questions really point to the fact that our gallant farmers and fisherfolk are not getting the much deserved recognition and attention.  It seems it has now become an annual ritual, we wait till Farmers Day every year for government officials to mount platforms and promise our fisherfolk and farmers a whole lot and we easily forget about those promises and move on behaving as if it is normal. It is high time we held the government accountable for all the promises made to our farmers and fisherfolk.

As we ponder on the above questions and observations, we have to bear in mind that we should eat what we grow and also grow what we eat. I hope as we celebrate our gallant farmers and fisherfolk, local drinks would be served at the various receptions to be held in honor of our farmers and fisherfolk. One particular local drink comes to mind, and that is palm wine tapped from the palm nut tree. So lets all raise our callabashes of palm wine and say cheers to our gallant farmers and fisherfolk. Happy Farmers Day, God bless you all and God bless Ghana.

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