2014: A Year Of Scandals In Ghana?

The Almighty God being so good and kind to Ghanaians ushered us into the year 2014 with so much joy and happiness. This was evident as many people, both Christians and non-Christians trooped to the various churches and prayer centers on the last day of 2013, 31st December to hank God for His mercies and be grateful for their lives. We all promised to lead good lives in the New Year. But the question is, have we fulfilled this promise to God? We rather resorted to go back to our sinful ways, collecting bribes, defrauding innocent people and also the scandals were far too many.

The first one was the FIFA 2014 World Cup Fiasco which brought so much disgrace to the entire nation. In fact Ghana’s image on the international scene suffered some battering as we were ridiculed by the international media for flying more than $3million to pay the appearance fees of our Football team, the Black Stars. What a shame? What do you expect from players who are not patriotic? Immediately after that, we had a tragedy where two people Castro and her friend Janet Bandu got drowned or missing and up till now, only God knows their whereabouts. Then came the Tamale Sex Scandal with leaked sexual escapades of a Canadian based Ghanaian all over the internet.

More leaked sex tapes were released this time involving another musician, Tiffanny. She was gladly followed by Kwaw Kese who decided to feel “High” at a popular joint in Kumasi and was arrested by the police. The biggest of the scandals was the Nayele Ametefeh Cocaine Scandal but funny enough our own Papa J booms again at a ceremony in the Volta Region and another scandal emerges involving Afia Swazzneger and a pastor called Obinim. This particular scandal i believe would be very interesting as both individuals have taken to the airwaves to slug it out.

I would say that 2014 has been a good year in terms of scandals in Ghana, but hey the year is yet to end, who knows, another scandal might just pop up and the others would be forgotten. I am still waiting for my 12.5kg bag of rice to miraculously turn into gold so that i can celebrate the Christmas very well. God bless Ghana, God bless you all.


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