Ghana’s Image Must Be Protected

It just happened like one of those movies we loved to watch when we were kids. These were movies where drug barons were portrayed as being ruthless and would do anything to protect and make sure that their illegal  business thrived. We watched those movies with so much passion that we used to memorize the names of the drug barons and recount the story to those who did not watch the movies.

It seems the drug menace here in Ghana is gradually getting out of hand. I started asking myself questions upon hearing that another Ghanaian, a lady with a 12.5kg of cocaine in her hand luggage was  busted by the British Drug Enforcement agents at the Heathrow Airport in the UK. The most interesting part of the story was that she passed through all the checkpoints at the Kotoka International Airport without the drugs being detected. Hmmmmm, my question was, how was she searched at the KIA and by who? What is the purpose of Nacortic Control Board (NACOB) at the KIA? Was the scanner switched on the day this said lady was traveling out of the country? Who is the lady running the drugs for? Why is there being an argument whether she was carrying a diplomatic passport or not? The government must stop making mere rhetorics and walk the talk. The authorities must have the political will to expose and arrest all those involved in the cocaine business irrespective of their political affiliations.

I have the firm belief that NACOB  has been seriously compromised and Ghana’s major drug enforcement agency needs a serious overhaul, and the officials have to be screened and if possible  some elements within NACOB must be forced to go on voluntary retirement. When these drug busts happen, both political parties start pointing fingers at each other for being involved in the cocaine  business, and they try to level the score. We should not turn Ghana into the “Colombia” of Africa and our country’s reputation and image would be seriously damaged if we dont sit up and fight this canker. God save Ghana now from the illegal cocaine business. God bless my homeland Ghana.

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