Ghana Needs E-Education (E-Classrooms) And Not An E-Parliament


Sometimes i feel very bad when i observe how our own Parliament speedily and quickly see to the needs of the Members of Parliament in terms of their comfort and welfare. I was taken aback when it was made known to Ghanaians that our Parliament has been refurbished and it cost the Ghanaian tax payer $60million. In fact, Ghana’s Parliament has been really transformed into a state of the art law making facility. But the question is that, do we need this at the moment? We now have to train the MPs on how to use the electronic devices that have been installed in the chamber and that too will be at a cost.

But, we have a lot of schools crying for support in terms of modern facilities and our leaders just adopt a lip service approach to such requests. Several schools in the rural and even the urban areas are made to teach ICT on the blackboard with no computers for practical lessons. Most of the students in these schools have never seen a physical computer before but only in books, and some of the teachers are forced to improvise with their mobile phones when teaching ICT. Why cant our MPs speedily and quickly vote for monies for the schools and educational centers to be equipped with modern electronic learning devices, but would drag their feet anytime matters concerning the general welfare of the Ghanaian citizen is raised on the floor of Parliament. We need E-Classrooms not an E-Parliament for now.

Why were the Ghanaian local furniture manufacturers left out and instead the contract given to the Chinese for the refurbishment of Ghana’s Parliament?  Where was Agorwu, Kpogas etc etc? If nothing at all, they could have been made to from a consortium  and the contract awarded to them? These local manufacturers would have definitely retained the $60million here in Ghana and it would have helped the economy rather than the Chinese contractors who would definitely repatriate the money back to China.  We have good furniture manufacturers in Ghana who produce quality products, that i know of. I know people would read this piece and say “its one of those things, lets move on” , but how long are we going to tolerate this attitude towards our own Made In Ghana products and manufacturers?  If our own legislative body does not believe in the local Ghanaian manufacturer but rather savour imported furniture products, who are we the citizens to carry on with the “Patronize Made In Ghana Campaign? It seems the beggar has more swag than the donor, i rest my case. Your comments are welcome.

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