Ghana, My Beloved

Ghana gained independence from the British on 6th March, 1957. On that historic day as Ghana’s independence was declared, she could be likened to a newly wedded woman who was about to embark on her journey of life. This looked like a a marriage that will last till death. But, it seemed just some few years after independence and and the subsequent years have have shown that our leaders were not willing to die forthe nation.

These leaders will rather create, loot and share the contents of the national kitty with their cronies than seek the welfare of the nation and its citizens. Even when the leader is doing something good to benefit the nation, the opposing side will never be satisfied with it. This has been the bane and nature of Ghanaian politics from the years after independence.

Our sportsmen and women are also not willing to die for the nation due to the actions and inactions of some sports officials who will rather increase their pot bellies and the moment you see them, their demeanour and actions smacks of corruption as they are seriously thinking about how to enrich themselves at the expense of the true sportsmen and women they have been asked to manage. The fiasco at the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil is a recent example. The players demanded to be paid their appearance fees because they have been cheated for far too long. We all know that the findings of this committee probing what went wrong at the tournament in Brazil will be swept under the carpet as usual and those involved in any illegal activity will be left to go scot free.

There is so much rot in our society that corruption has now become like a fabric, worn by almost everyone. Where lies our sense of patriotism that used to be there some time ago? The watchman himself is not living up to expectation, so who watches the watchman? Government officials are quick to come out and deny allegations of corrupt activities levelled against them, they will never admit them. It seems Ghana my beloved is suffering in this marriage and something needs to be done to solve this problem. No one wants to die a little bit for Ghana these days. These are my observations, kindly leave your comments after. God bless my homeland Ghana.


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