The Betrayal of Ghana

I always think of a day or time that our authorities will serve the people in a selfless manner devoid of all the vices and corrupt activities we are hearing almost every day in the media both in the print media and on our air waves. It seems corruption has now become like a common fabric in Ghana. Even the children are asking to be bribed before they go to school.

Government appointees lick their lips and fingers with glee when they are given the opportunity to serve the nation, because they feel that their time has come for them to take their share of the national cake by hook or crook.  What happened to the asset declaration law that a lot of noise was made about? How many government officials have declared their asserts and what is being done to those who have not done so as stipulated by law? It seems we have good laws but lack the courage and political will to implement and enforce them. These officials are just perfecting the act of betrayal and they are doing it with so much seriousness and alacrity. Judas Iscariot,  according to the Holy Bible betrayed Jesus Christ for 30 silver coins, but our authorities are making him look like a novice in the act of betrayal. They are actually betraying Ghana to a point that our ancestors and forefathers of this great nation are shaking their heads in their graves.

To add more to the acts of betrayal, when queried, these officials concoct “beautiful lies” and start shedding “crocodile tears” just to appeal to pity. What sort of nation are we leaving the unborn generation? The coffers are being looted every day and our leaders lack the courage and political will to crack the whip. The best they can do is to reasign these traitors to the other sectors of the government and they keep on lubricating the wheel of corruption with the least opportunity they have. Posterity will judge us if we sit down idle and allow these traitors to have their way and keep on betraying Mother Ghana. God bless our homeland Ghana….


One thought on “The Betrayal of Ghana

  1. i wish my voice could be heard by all. this poem of my needs to be published. the title is complain to the Ancestors. this is the first stanzer.
    Oh my motherland, Oh the pioneers of this community.
    An innocent soul is crying. An innocent tear is flooding your graves,
    addressing you with the current situation of the land,
    with much zeal and pain

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