Beautiful Liars and Weeping Crocodiles

I sometimes cringe and shudder with fear anytime i hear that a Commission of Enquiry has been set up to investigate why a fiasco happened or why certain things went wrong. This fear of mine is even more than the fear of being put on the hit list of the dreaded Italian Mafia, the Japanese Yakuza or the Chinese Triads. One should be very scared when being hunted down by an assassin, but definitely what is happening in my motherland right now makes me even fear government officials, politicians more than the most dreaded assassin on planet earth.

These politicians and government officials have been spewing “beautiful lies” and shedding crocodile tears anytime they are called to account for their stewardship by a commission of enquiry. they make the lies look so beautiful and also garnish it with their newly adopted “appeal to pity” mode by weeping. When i see such lies being garnished and watered with crocodile tears on tv i feel like we have failed our ancestors in this country. For how long are we going to endure or tolerate these tricksters and pretenders in this country? Where did we go wrong as a nation?

Also, how can the watchman who has been entrusted with the protection of the rights of the people turn around and throw dust into the eyes of the people and pretend she had no place to live before assuming duty. She rather lodges at one of the expensive hotels in Accra for some months and when this is found out, she turns around also to spew some beautiful lies sicne Ghanaians have short memories, they will soon forget about that? She goes on to tell the whole nation that she has been paying the hotel bills with her own money. Thats another beautiful lie. Wont the state re-imburse her?

Also, who builds a fence wall for an Embassy building in Burkina Faso for $600,000? How much will the building itself cost? Another beautiful lie. And to the weeping crocodiles, please and please, the weeping will not solve the problem and no one will tolerate it again. Will you weep in that manner when your mother or father passes away? The rest is for posterity to judge. Lets all rise up and say a big NO to the “Beautiful Lies and Weeping Crocodiles” because Ghanaians are moving closer to the tipping point. God bless my homeland Ghana. Your comments are welcome


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