The Ogua Fetu Afahye (Festival): My Observations

Ghana is a country with different groups of people and a diverse culture cutting across all the ten regions. Most of these groups of people usually celebrate festivals to comemorate an event that happened in the past. It might also be used to pay homage to the ancestors or the fallen heroes and also to honor the living in the society who have contributed their qouta to their respective communities. The Ogua Fetu Afahye of the people of Cape Coast is an example of such a festival. But there are certain things and activities i have observed about the festival and the people who celebrate it for the past eleven years that i have been in the city of Cape Coast.

I have observed that some few weeks to the festival in the month of September, thats the time roads and streets with pot holes and ‘trenches’ are patched and repaired, the non functioning street lights are also fixed, gutters are desilted and some buildings (especially those on the Coronation Street) are painted because thats where the festival procession normally takes place (I stand to be corrected if found to be wrong). Secondly, I also observed that promiscuity especially among the youth and adults is at its peak during the festival not to mention alcoholism amongst majority of the youth.The questions i continue to ask is; Is the Ogua Fetu Afahye all about eating and drinking, having indiscriminate sex and also dressing to suit the occassion? Why do we have to wait till the dawn of the festival before roads and streets and street lights are fixed? I have also not seen anything concrete to show that a festival has been celebrated and this and that was done and it has left a mark for generations unborn to come and meet it.

Let us not forget that it is during these occassions that most people are infected with the HIV/AIDS Virus and other sexually transmitted diseases and i can already see a whole lot of advertisements of certain condom brands littering the streets of Cape Coast as they might be one of the main sponsors of the festival. Do we always want to see a lot of our teenage girls become pregnant and infected with HIV/AIDS just a few months after the festival?

Despite the above negative activities associated indirectly with the festival, the Ogua Fetu Afahye draws a lot of foriegn tourists to Cape Coast and i hope the authorities will take full advantage and make good use of this glorious opportunity. I wish all the people of Cape Coast a successfull Ogua Fetu Afahye. These are just my observations and no mischief or malice intended, God bless Ghana.

3 thoughts on “The Ogua Fetu Afahye (Festival): My Observations

  1. Well. You made some very interesting observations there. It seems your worry was on the rise in the negativity and I share your concern. But you see, there are a lot of positives that need to be highhlighted. Business boom, culture display, tourism and cross cultural linkages, etc. Without these things, the festival is better scraped. Good writing pal!

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