The Junior Camp Ghana Program : “Living Tomorrow’s Career Today”

tadisco pixThe Junior Camp Program is a career mentoring series in Senior High Schools in Ghana which was created out of the impact Barcamp Ho and Barcamp  Tema in 2012 had on the lives of some students from Keta Senior High School. This program is being run by the Ghana Think Foundation. Junior Camp Ghana’s theme is “Living Tomorrow’s Career Today”.

The program allows industries and persons to share their stories, experiences and knowledge with students in second cycle institutions i.e. the Senior High Schools (S.H.S). The program also connects students with mentors who provide their wisdom about their areas of expertise, management, leadership skills, career success factors, industry insights, communication skills. Through the program, students are inspired to match similar career goals, concentration, career fields etc. All events are free at no cost to students to ensure that they derive maximum benefits from the program.

Junior Camp Ghana has been able to organize events in Ketasco, Kalpohin SHS, Augusco, Dumasua JHS, Krogiss, Armesco, Tadisco and also a joint program with the Ahaspora group, which brought together a number of SHS students from all over the country and a host of mentors. Throughout  these events, we at Junior Camp Ghana try our very best to help these students “live tomorrow’s career today”. We are also happy when we see the smiles and satisfaction on the faces of the students after every event as they are able to relate their intended career choices to the theme.

To help create a brighter future for SHS students in Ghana we entreat everyone to visit our social media pages on, and Tell your friends to like and follow our pages for more information on Junior Camp Ghana’s upcoming events in a Senior High School near you, and we will be very happy if you sign up to be a mentor and help our SHS brothers and sisters “live tomorrow’s career today”. God bless our homeland Ghana…

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