Why I love Ghana 2

The first part of this article was to make my readers laugh despite the economic hardship my dear country is going through right now. This second part should also be treated as a humorous article. Below are some of the reasons why i still love Ghana.

1. When Ghanaians are sponsored abroad and they refuse to come back. They have connection men who work out every thing for them before they even depart from the shores of the country.

2. Every death is attributed to a superstitious belief.

3. So much noise is made on radio and television when an issue comes up.

4. Our leaders in authority can be really dealt with on radio and television when they mess up, but those criticizing are not ready to offer any solutions to the problems.

5. Everybody becomes a social commentator when issues come up.

6. We are able to fly $3million to our unpatriotic footballers in Brazil because they refused to play due to the non payment of their appearance fees.

7.Everybody in this country feels good if his or her relative is abroad.

8. Ghanaians can talk chaw papa.

9. We know how to #OccupyFlagHouse #OccupyParliament etc etc when the politicians take us for granted.

10. We now attribute every misfortune to the government in power, you know what i am talking about.

Your comments are welcome on this blog post. God bless our home land Ghana.




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