Why I Love Ghana?

Image Every citizen feels proud to hit his/her chest and say “I am proud to be a citizen from my country” and they show their patriotism in everything that they do just to promote a positive image of the country they come from. But below are some of the reasons why i love Ghana.

1. We Ghanaians are so passionate about the game of soccer and we will do everything possible to watch the FIFA World Cup no matter the “Dumsormetrics” undertaken by the “Extremely Confused Ghanaians” (ECG).

2. We create so much humor during difficult times with anything that happens example, the word “Dumsor” has its variants such as “Dumsorlogy” , “Dumsormetrics” and not to talk about the new word on the block “Ayittey Powers” after he lost his fight to Bukom Banku.

3. We always have an issue to discuss every week and the media goes along with it.

4. Every musician, actor, actress etc etc is a celebrity in Ghana even though we dont know what they do to help the society.

5. People create their own designer and clothing lines examples such as Miz Bell’s “Michi Bellino” (where from this one too?) and a host of others.

6. We make people look so important and then start dropping them like the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the 2nd World War.

7. If you are in Ghana and you dont have a relative abroad then it means you are not a “gee” guy or lady.

8. We always ignore disaster warnings and when floods or any disaster happens we scream the mantra ” we want the government to come to our aid”.

9. Our governments always have a lot of plans in the pipeline but they never see the light of day.

10. We always hear the mantra from the government “plans are far advanced” to solve our problems but those plans never materialize.

11. Every Ghanaian believes we are going to win the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, hahahahaha.

These are just a few of the reasons why i love Ghana. More to come later. Keep your comments coming.



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