Happy Mothers Day

Image Once again we are celebrating Mothers Day and it seems many mothers are just not being appreciated for the good and hard work they have done and continue to do to keep us on our toes and make us better human beings as we grow up. But come to think of it, we still have children who are being deceived into thinking that their mothers are witches and treat them badly. Those people should just be ashamed of themselves and repent from that attitude and behavior.

We still have mothers whose children have deserted or abandoned them due to certain advices being given to their children by friends. We still have mothers who after taking care of their children to some level are still struggling to make ends meet, but yet still they go the extra mile to provide for their children. They sacrifice  their time, sleep, food and sometimes loose their lives all because of their children. We still have mothers who are being abused by their husbands and are afraid to come out and make these abuses known to the world. They sometimes keep quiet because of the children.

We still have mothers who are looked down on by their children because of their educational level. Some children do that and deny their mothers right in the midst of their friends and also in public. No matter the level of education and status in society, every mother deserves to be appreciated and cherished.

Some men too can be called mothers since they perform the duties of a mother when the mothers are not around or in times that the mother of the house is sick or tired and also some men willingly take it upon themselves to help their wives in the day to day upkeep of the children in terms of bathing them, feeding, changing diapers etc etc. God bless all mothers and i wish all mothers all over the world a Happy Mothers Day.



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