The Joys of Childhood

Image   Imagine a world where children are not allowed to  play and show case their God given talents. Such a world would be a very boring and sad place. Children learn through play and thats how they are made to enjoy childhood. Children must be made to feel happy and make very good use of that stage that they are in because once they progress from the childhood stage to adolescence and onward to the teenage stage, all signs of childish behaviours are done away with. Maturity sets in and they sometimes behave like adults and are even included in the decision making process in their various homes.

But we all agree that not all children in Ghana and many parts of the world enjoy their childhood, thus they are deprived of the joys of childhood in their various homes. Many of these children are always indoors and prevented by their parents from going out to play with their friends, attending programs and events organized for children and also their movements are restricted. Such children grow up very timid and are sometimes unable to surmount simple problems or situations that come their way.

Children must be allowed to play with their friends, be very courageous and must also be taught how to behave in public and at social gatherings. Thus, when they grow up they also would have nostalgic memories of their childhood days and have something to laugh about and share their experiences with their friends.

The picture above depicts how happy these two children are as they play with their bicycle which i would call a METALCYCLE because it has no tyres but just metal wheels and the look on their faces says it all. Make children happy and they would always come closer to you as they enjoy their moments. They learn a lot through play both in the home and at school.

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