Buy “Made In Ghana” Goods

Image On the 6th of March, 2014, the President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama whiles delivering his Independence Day speech, advocated for more patronage of “Made in Ghana” goods. This clarion call has been echoed so many times by many people in our country. The president has been lauded for coming out in support of locally produced goods.

But, first, do these our local industries have the capacity to meet the demands of their local consumers? Is the government willing and ready to support our local industries?  Are the local industries also ready to produce quality goods for the people to patronize and be proud of? These are some of the unanswered questions that makes it difficult for our local industries to thrive in these present economic difficulties being experienced by Ghana. The local industries need to review their standards and also produce quality goods for the people to patronize.

We have numerous industries in Ghana producing many goods for local consumption but  yet still, the country imports most of her consumables and other important goods. Why should this happen? Most people in this country would tell you that Ghana’s chocolate is very expensive so they would prefer to buy the foreign ones that are more cheaper than the locally produced ones. The government should help our local industries to add more value to our raw materials rather than exporting them outside and being proud with the accolade “the number one producer” of cocoa, etc etc in Africa.

Let us all patronize “Made in Ghana” goods and the rippling effects would be numerous as it goes to generate employment, strengthens the economy and generate more income for the people and also revenue for the government. We can all do our bit to help promote “Made in Ghana” goods. God bless Ghana my motherland.


4 thoughts on “Buy “Made In Ghana” Goods

  1. Wow, I would think that locally produced goods would be cheaper than getting it somewhere else. I use shea butter and cocoa butter from Ghana but buy it here because when I talked to someone about purchasing directly from Ghana they were going to charge me the same amount that I pay to get it here in the US…lol…It did not make sense to purchase there and have to pay the high shipping cost if I could get it here in my country for the same price. I’m sure it was probably the person who was trying to profit but he should have realized he lost a customer in the process…lol

    • Audrey Brooks, some local producers also try to take advantage of the situation and increase the prices of their products and this deters people from buying them. They would rather buy the imported ones which are some times cheap.

  2. I would like to use African fabric in my business but I would like to be able to get Authentic fabric from Africa. Don’t really want to use Chinese knockoffs. I want to offer my customers real fabric but I cannot find out how to purchase from Africa. Is it possible? I’m in Florida, USA!

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