Poverty In The Midst Of Plenty

Image We always sing our National Anthem with so much pride any time our Black Stars (National Football Team) or any of the Junior National Teams are involved in a tournament. “God Bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong…” We all know what the rest of the words are.  God has already blessed our homeland Ghana with so many riches, but i keep asking myself, why is there so much poverty in the midst of plenty?

We have mineral resources such as gold, diamond, manganese, bauxite, timber, cocoa and quiet recently the discovery and exploration of Ghana’s oil resources which has yielded huge volumes of oil and gas for our blessed country. But i cringe when i see the level of poverty in my dear country despite all these blessings from God. Is it that our leaders have failed us or they simply don’t know how to run the affairs of the country?

Why cant we add value to our natural resources but would rather take delight in exporting the raw materials to the western world and also be content with we being touted as “the largest or biggest exporter” of these raw materials? Currently our educational system is facing so many challenges and it seems the political games are being applied to this very important sector of Ghana’s development agenda.

Why do we keep on borrowing huge sums of money from foreign  financial institutions whenever we need funds for major projects? I some times have this opinion that those at the helm of affairs do not think about those who voted them into power. How much would it cost to build a hospital or a health center in a rural area, not to talk about the building of better educational facilities and the provision of good drinking water? What about those bad roads that lead to the food producing areas? No one seems to care about the poor farmer who goes to his farm every day just to make sure his crops produce better yields only to face a problem of not being able to transport his food produce to the market center at the end of the day.

So, my question is, why are we still poor if God has really and indeed blessed Ghana our homeland? Did i read some where that very soon Ghana would be importing water from Dubai? I hope this is just one of the jokes we create in Ghana. To continue with the National Anthem… And make our nation great and strong…”Your comments are welcome.



6 thoughts on “Poverty In The Midst Of Plenty

  1. Love your cover photo. I picture tourists in that dugout. I am passionate about tourism as a creator of wealth for all Ghanaians. In that respect, ten months ago, I initiated a Facebook group SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA. Remember that tourism is the number four earner of foreign exchange. More international leisure tourists to Ghana means more jobs, regional development, increased tax revenues and of course poverty reduction.

  2. Hi again,
    Incidentally, I copied your blog post in a comment that was made allocating blame for so much poverty existing in Ghana on the leadership of Ghana. This comment was made in reference to leadership’s failure to support changes in the tourism sector, SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA FB GROUP,

    “Yaw Obruni When will all realise that barriers are created to the benefit of those able to assist with them. Once we all agree to grow Ghana for all Ghanaians then visas and business operations will be made more transparent and facilitated. We all know the nett benefit of a visa free system for growth and development … but our leaders and functionaries work towards different aims and objectives. Simple.
    3 hours ago · Unlike · 2

    Christopher Scott I concur with your conclusion. It is simple and it is also the reason why there is such poverty in the midst of plenty. https://ourghanablog.wordpress.com/…/poverty-in-the…/”

    • Thank you very much for following my blog and reading my posts. I very much appreciate it. I always feel very sad when I see people living in abject poverty in Ghana whiles our natural resources are being exploited and the profits going into individual pockets. God help us all.

  3. Thank you, Kumadorian for the thought provoking article. It is by sharing your thoughts and acknowledging the problems that we can start to chip away at them. Here are my thoughts:

    The continent is truly blessed, and the only obstacles to reaping the benefits of the wealth of Africa, are the enemies called “ignorance and greed” These are well known outlaws on the African continent. They suck the very lifeblood from attempts to gain prosperity for the masses in many countries on the continent. That being said, many communities are doing a fantastic job of bringing positive changes to their areas, either through education or financial cooperatives. These efforts ignite the spark in the people that change is possible.
    In the diaspora, Malcolm X said: “Slavery cannot exist without the co-operation of the slave.”
    We must all stop participating in putting the yoke around our own necks.
    As for the mineral wealth? I recommend an article by Bright Simons: Africa’s Fabulous Mineral Wealth that isn’t. http://theafricanists.info/africas-fabulous-mineral-wealth-that-isnt-all-there/

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