Why Commit Suicide? (3)

Once again, another precious life has been lost to the icy hands of death. In this tragic incident the person decided to take his own life due to academic pressure. When i heard reports of a first year student from one of our public universities taking his life, i was very much taken aback as to why these needless deaths keep on happening. We are yet to ascertain the reasons for he doing that. In this instance, it is alleged that he hanged himself after he had failed three courses at the university. 

What has happened to the counseling units on our various university campuses? What measures are the university authorities putting in place to curb these needless deaths? How effective are these counseling officers? Are their services easily accessible to the students who need help most? No matter what happens to you, life is very precious and despite the challenges and hardships we are all going through, we must try and look on the positive side of life.

What are our university campuses turning into? Is it a case of students must pass their exams or they would be sent home? Most students are frustrated and helpless on the various campuses as a result of exams, but that does not warrant them to commit suicide. This student would have not taken that decision if he had someone to confide in and talk to about his academic problems. We should all bear in mind that all students have different levels of brilliance and academic excellence. The fact that you did not pass your exams does not mean that you are dumb.

If you thinking of committing suicide, ask yourself, what will happen to me after i take this bad decision? Life is very very very very sweet and we must all do our best to preserve it. Please, find someone to talk to and don’t be sad about the frustrations and hardships you are going through in life, for God Almighty has a plan for you. In the eyes of God delay is not denial. Go down on your knees and talk to God Almighty from the bottom of your heart and He will listen and solve all your problems for you. May this unfortunate Level 100 student rest in perfect peace. Society will try to shape your life for you but God Almighty will see you through all the difficult situations, so dont take your life. Why commit suicide?  


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