My Message To ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana)

Image  Dear ECG, i have been waiting for a long time to send you this message. Ever since I started buying prepaid credits, you have never stopped making my life miserable. Why do you have to switch of the electricity supply without informing me? It seems you take delight in doing that and it has caused me a lot of harm as most of my electrical appliances are no longer functioning properly due to your unannounced black outs (dumsor dumsor). My PC has not been spared this erratic behavior.

How much would it cost you to inform your customers before embarking on such a “shambolic” exercise? I always wonder why you have been allowed to monopolize the electricity sector for such a long time. It seems you would be enjoying that monopoly for a little while as certain private individuals are also coming into the energy sector, so if you don’t put your act together, you would be left in the lurch very soon. I also want to know why your prepaid meters are running faster than Usain Bolt. I it deliberate?

I laughed when some few days ago, your PRO was on one of the television stations encouraging customers to report to them about their damaged electrical appliances due to your power fluctuations. We all know that it is just a flash in the pan. Also, I want to know why you have decided to position the prepaid meters on poles outside people’s houses. Seriously, i think this is one of the whackiest decisions you have ever taken. Don’t you know you are putting people’s lives in danger? I still can not fathom why you took such a decision.

What breaks my heart is that, anytime I walk past your regional offices both in Cape Coast and Koforidua in the evenings, I observe that most of the fans and the lights are on. You keep on telling us to conserve energy but you do the opposite, why? If it were to be somewhere in Europe or America, your boss would have been forced to resign or his appointment terminated. The year 2014 just started and I hope you will change in a positive way. This is from a concerned citizen of Ghana who has been greatly affected by your poor services.



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