Fare Thee Well “Boss Player” (My Tribute To Komla Dumor)

Image Once again Ghana and the world at large has lost a rare gem to the mystery called death. Komla Afeke Dumor worked hard till the untimely moment when his maker decided to call him home on the 18th January, 2014. Initially, i thought this was one of the numerous hoaxes trying to create some mischief on social media, but upon numerous checks from various websites and calls to some friends in London, i realized that the inevitable had happened to this hardworking son of Mother Ghana.

The tributes started pouring in and we as Ghanaians are saddened and disheartened as we mourn with the “Boss Player’s” family.  Komla lived a life full of smiles as he did his best to also bring smiles on the faces of people he came into contact with. He was able to follow critical stories to their logical conclusions.

Ghana and Mother Africa will surely and truly miss you, Komla. At this critical moment that we are all mourning Komla’s demise, my heartfelt sympathies and condolences goes out to his wife and children, parents and all his relations. I pray for courage and steadfastness for the family. Only God knows best. Komla, you have fought a good fight and may you rest in perfect peace. 


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